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Self satisfaction at a flip of a coin

Self satisfaction at a flip of a coin

hello reader, you have probably turned to this story because of its vague name. Well, this is a story all about my new septum piercing. I know, another teenaged female getting her nose pierced, but this one I think I wroth experiencing.

I had been like you, looking over BME in storys and pictures, trying to figure out what I wanted to get. Every 6 months or so I get another piercing and I was getting "the itch". I settled on either getting two more upper cartilage piercing on my left ear or my septum. So after a long day of cleaning the house, I showered, grabbed my boyfriend, $50, and went to my favorite and only piercer, Billy at Moniques (an APP member, so you know he is good).

I got there, it wasn't to busy. The sales women approached me as I looked over the jewelry and asked what I was interested in. I told her I was undecided, so she showed my the three types of septum rings, including retainers and one circular (horseshoe shaped) barbell. I got the price quote and sat and thought about in in there sofas. The apprentice (I wish I could remember his name, but I cant) came over and started talking to me. We talked about the pain factor( it would be the same) and how I would hide it at work (to flip it), but I still wasn't set on either.

Finally he suggested to flip a coin. Heads for septum, tails for cartilage. He took out a quarter and flipped it. It was head. Septum it is! I filled out the paperwork, paid and picked out the horseshoe shaped barbell.

I sat and waited with a set of girls, one was getting her tragus pierced and the other was getting a tattoo. She was so worried that it was going to hurt and I told her just it was nothing. Billy is the best piercer, I have had no problems with him ( one my belly rejected, but that was not his fault, that was mine). Shaking, she went into the piercing room. During her piercing, I heard a gasp form the waiting room. she came out a few minutes, smiling at her new earing in the full length mirror and he called me back.

He set me down on the chair sideways away form the door, towards the sink and the try of equipment, and my boyfriend sat in the corner, watching everything. Billy and the apprentice put gloves on and explained that he was going to find my sweet spot, then if it was ok with me, to left his apprentice feel for the spot. So I have two mens pinkies up my nose :p . They both found it in a few seconds.

Billy told my to take off my glasses as he cleaned the inside of my nose with alcohol (making my nose sting). I closed my eyes as he took out the receiving tube and I assumed the needle and started to aline the piercing. For the first minute, he explained that some people have a slightly deviated septum, which can make the ring sit strange at first then it straightens out with time. If it was slightly deviated, he would bend the ring slightly to it sat straight.

Another minute passed it went silent, "if someone doesn't talk I was going to freak." everyone started to laugh, and just then, the sales women stepped in behind me and asked it was done. We all laughed again, and the apprentice and I started to talk about my snakes and breeding rats to feed them.

Then, after I swear if felt like forever of painful poking and prodding in my nose, he said it was time. He told me to breath in and when I breathed out, I felt the needle pushed through. It didn't hurt, but it was weird to feel it cut through the layers of skin. My eyes watered up like crazy (similar to what happened when I pierced my nostril) and he chucked, "hope your not crying on me." He paused with the needle still in my nose to put the ring at the end of the needle, I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn't freak. I felt him pull the needle and ring through and screw on the balls.

Billy finished up and looked at it. Explaining that it was only slightly deviated, and adjusted the ring. The apprentice said it looked great, and billy explained how to flip it for work. Showing me how it looked down and up, I have to say it beautiful. The horse shoe sat jut perfectly so you can only see the balls out of my nose.

I sat and drink a cup of water to fight of that post-piercing dizziness I always get. The apprentice and I talked about amount of piercings, and I discovered I had more then him. Finally I walked out into the waiting room and the two girls gasped and gawked, and the older man just shook his head in amazement

I have only had it for a day now but it makes me feel tough, and I'm proud to walk around with it. The ring and the placement is perfect and there is NO pain. the only discomfort I have felt is when I rolled over onto my nose in my sleep and even that was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. If it is done correctly, septums are painless and beautiful. If you have a hard time with needles, like I do, bring someone with you (i.e. a boyfriend/girlfriend) to make sure that its sterile and from a onetime use package. If you live in Pinellas or Ybor county, I highly recommend that you go to Monquies. They are a little pricey, but its very worth it; the shop is clean, the service is professional, and they have a wide selection of jewelry. Ask for billy, he is the greatest.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Billy
Studio: Monquies
Location: Clearwater

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