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My First Piercing.

 I had been lusting after some sort of piercing for months on end, but, having heard some pretty scary things, I was a little anxious about some "myths" I'd heard regarding various piercings. After conducting my own research on the matter I concluded that a nostril piercing was the one for me- it didn't have any really strange "struck by lightening" myths attached to it, nor did it sound like it would take too long to heal. I have since heard from people with many piercings that actually say their nose hurt right up in the top three, which is funny because everyone I asked prior to my piercing said they didn't feel it at all. I suppose it's all for the best, because I never would have gotten the piercing had I known it was supposed to be "particularly" painful. But now I can look back and safely say the pain was drowned out by the excitement and the adrenaline rush as the needle approached. I'm also not sure I believe the nose could be any worse than some of the piercings

I have seen on this site...

I brought my case to my mother, who was surprisingly agreeable (I thought I'd have to put up a fight) and the date was set.

When we arrived at the studio (which was somewhere on Dundas, near Argyle mall for those of you in London (it's since closed down)) we were walked through the procedure and I chose my jewelry. (This step in itself was lengthy- I couldn't choose what colour jewel I wanted, though I knew I wanted some sort of small jewel. I eventually chose pink, even though I really wanted turquoise.) I was somewhat nervous, but since I had been anticipating this for a while I was able to maintain a calm state (my mom, on the other hand, looked a little green, especially when the needle came out). The piercer who was going to do the deed knew I was a first-timer, and a little scared, so he gave me a couple of minutes to prepare myself and relax. I embarrassed myself pretty soon in; the man asked me which side I wanted, and I said "I THINK the left side...". He looked at me with a horrible combination of pity and laughter and said teasingly "Well you'd better be sure, 'cause you can't exactly t ake it back once it's in". I decided finally on the left side and he finished his preparations. My mom was much worse off than I was: she was slightly queasy-looking and kept trying to grab my hand every time he walked near us. The piercing itself surprised me in that it seemed such a non-event- very anti-climactic after all that nervousness. In typical teenaged fashion, as soon as the needle was through my nose and my friendly neighbourhood piercer began fiddling with the jewelry, I turned to my mom with the needle all the way through, just hanging there, and grinned at her. The poor woman was more traumatized than I was, and it was my face. I teased her for most of the way home, and the following weeks were riddled with nagging as to whether I had "cleaned my piercing again today!!!!?????".

As soon as I was able to safely change my piercing I decided to buy some new jewelled studs. I know now that I should have just initially gotten a turquoise stud instead of deciding to get one once I could change it, because the studs from the studio were better quality than the new ones. I slowly began losing jewels and it was extremely frustrating. I had already lost my original stud and didn't know where to go to get one like it, so I had to settle for studs that fell out of my nose (lacking the curve at the bottom) and jewels that fell out of my studs. They looked so unsightly once the jewel was gone that I couldn't wear them anymore and had to just throw them out. In retrospect, had I initially gotten a colour that I'd actually wanted and NOT decided to change it afterwards I would most likely still have my piercing, not having experienced the frustration of losing jewels and deciding to just stop buying the damn things.

I only had the thing for a few months before I lost the last jewel in my last stud and decided to just let it grow in. I knew I could have and probably should have just gone out and bought a surgical steel stud with a plain ball on the end, but I just didn't have the will to. I have since compiled a list of some other piercings I want/NEED!!! and the total amounts to 28. That probably isn't a very high number to some of the more hard-core people on here, but if you had suggested these to me a year and 2 months ago at the time of my first piercing (or what was technically my first, as I didn't count having my ears pierced as a toddler), I would have never even considered the bulk of them. I am definitely psyched to collect the piercings I am NOW lusting after, and look forward to many more opportunities to creep out my sensitive mother. :D

Yay, perforation! :P


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember+his+name...+Chris+or+Steve%3F
Studio: Can%27t+remember%2C+though+I+know+it+has+since+closed+down.
Location: London%2C+Ontario

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