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My first facial piercing.

One day I was driving along the road downtown with my boyfriend and we were considerably bored. I had previously contemplated a piercing of some sort(I already had my ears stretched to 6g at the time) and I knew I wanted it to be on my face. I'm kind of terrified of the idea of genital or nipple piercings, and had no desire to have anything but my lobes pierced and eventually stretched to 1'' on my ears.

After careful consideration and a few months of back and forth deciding whether I wanted my septum or my monroe pierced, I decided quite impulsively that I wanted my septum done. I had good reason, though, I worked at Best Buy and they had a strict no facial piercing policy so I needed something that I could easily hide. So as we were driving along on that boring day we passed a local piercing shop that I had heard good reviews about. With no actual intention to get anything done, I had my boyfriend pull over so I could check out the shop for myself.

The shop itself is very nice, big, and super clean. It has quite a few cases of good quality jewelry that the piercer said was from various places like Tawapa, Anatometal, etc. It was a welcome chance from the weird offbrands that are usually carried in hot topic. I briefly discussed a septum piercing with her. At what gauge does she suggest they get pierced(14g, but for some reason I mentioned I wanted a 16g so it would look "daintier"), what they initially put into it, and things like that..

Next thing I know my money is in my hand and I'm in the chair. Sometime between casually looking at jewelry and barely discussing the piercing I had ended up in the chair waiting as she put her gloves on. I had no problem with the rapid succession of events, because I had intensely studied up on lip and nose piercings in anticipation of getting one.. eventually, not today. But oh well. The best laid plans and what not.

I'd say out of all the piercings and tattoos I've gotten since, my nerves were far worse for this one. I had heard so many stories about the excruciating pain that septums caused them, and such differing opinions that It took me a while to find the correct information about them. I even asked the piercer if she went through the sweet spot or the cartilage, because I reckoned(in my head) that I would have to find another piercer if she went through the cartilage. Luckily enough she laughed and said it should only ever go through the sweet spot, and that anyone getting it through the cartilage is a masochist. I really wish I had gotten her name, she was a sweetheart. :

She had me completely recline in the chair as she hovered over me with what looked like a wooden skewer and a marking tool. She swabbed the inside of my nose with antiseptic (which made my eyes water) and started to fish around to find the 'sweet spot'. I was nervous, as she mentioned I had "unusually small nostrils", I remember saying "Well that's okay if it doesn't work you can just do my lip or something." She told me not to worry about it as she prodded my nose with the skewer and the marker. That was probably the worst part of all, the skewer was dull and made me feel like I had to sneeze. She finished marking and put the receiving tube in my nose and told me to take a deep breath then let it out.

I didn't feel anything. At least until she put the cork on and I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked like a tribesman with the needle sticking way out of my nose. She had me lay back down so she could thread the tiny retainer through then explained to me how to flip it up for work and flip it down to clean it. I went to the counter to pay and left her a tip, because she was super sweet.

I didn't feel the actual piercing at all but for about two weeks afterwards it felt like I got socked right in the nose. It was horrible. Then I made my way up to Tallahassee to visit my friend and decided that 16g was far too small on me. So while he got himself a tattoo, I had the shop's piercer taper my septum to 14g and put a 14g retainer it. That kind of sucked and it looked like I was crying from my eyes watering up so badly. The urge to sneeze was probably the worst part. And having to clean up the gunky lube from out of my nose afterwards.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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