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Gauging My Septum

    I had wanted my septum pierced for awhile. I had seen many people, pictures of people, people in other bands (I play guitar), and found it extremely aesthetically pleasing.  I have had a few other piercings, and always enjoyed the sensations of getting a piercing, and the enjoyment of having it, period. Not a lot of people seemed to have it, and most people would dare try (For reasons unknown to me, since it was relatively painless). It seemed easy enough to do, and I had pretty much made up my mind. I was talking to my girlfriend, and sporadically, I said, "I'm going to go pierce my septum." She laughed and said okay, I asked her sister a few questions about it (She had pierced hers herself almost a year ago), how she cleaned it, etc., and said goodnight.

I walked to the bathroom and cleaned the counter off. I took a safety pin, yes, safety pin, please forgive me, and wiped it off with rubbing alcohol. I took two Q-Tips and dabbed them with rubbing alcohol also, then, swiped the inside of my nose. I felt very excited, as the tension was building, just waiting to push the needle through. I lifted the pin to my nose, lifted the tip of my nose up, took a deep breath, and pushed. The pain was inviting. I continued to push, as it did not go through too easily, and a second later, I could see the needle begging to exit the other side. I put my finger near the needle's exit, and gave a final push, and it peered out the other side. There was very little pain through the whole process (although I do have a high pain tolerance). I took a small, straight piece of disinfected safety pin that I had cut to about 1/2" in length and blunt on both sides (I understand, not smart), and pushed it in as I pulled the needle out. There it stayed for 3 weeks, as I rinsed with a sea salt soak every day to clean it and get some of the stupid crusty crap off. The only complaint I had was it itched at first.

After those three weeks, I was sure I was ready to take it out and start gauging. I went to the mall with my friend and got a pack of circular barbells at 18ga, 16 ga, and 14ga. That night, I took the piece of safety pin out and immediately slid the 18 in. It seemed slightly small, so I tried the 16 and it was a perfect fit. I was psyched, and my friend said it looked pretty tight. All I could think of was getting to a 14, then a 12, and then a 10. I planned on stopping at 10.

I waited about a week and a half, and since it seemed perfectly healed and comfortable, went to a 14. There was very little difference to me, and another week and a half, I was back at the mall and bought a new set of 12ga, 10ga, and 8ga. I pushed the 12 through, and I got a slight rush as I did so. It stayed for a day or two, but I lost it the third day. I decided I had no other option, so I forced the 10 through, and it was actually somewhat hard, and painful, but I was finally at a 10. I stayed at the 10 for 2 1/2 weeks, and thought since I have the 8, why not use it? (The gauging was becoming addicting)

Two weeks later, I went back to the mall and got a pack of 6ga' s this time, two circular claws and two plugs (They were actually for ears, but whatever :D .) I pushed the taper through, and it slid in pretty easily. At this point, I was in love with my septum. I kept the taper in for about a week, then decided to switch to the plug. The plug was nice. I thought it looked great, the nice big hole. It stayed there for for about two more weeks, until I was feeling industrious, and then slid a 14 in, followed by the 6ga taper. It fit pretty well with little irritation. The next weekend, I went and bought a pack of 4ga, and then, it was now. I'm planning on going to a 0ga or maybe a 00ga. Who knows?

I understand that I have stretched it extremely fast, but, in my judgement it was healed enough, and safe to do so. I have had no sign of infection and experienced absolutely no bleeding at any time during the process. Even in piercing it, there was very little blood. I enjoy DIY piercings, and although I may have done this one quite recklessly, I only advocate doing DIY piercings in the proper environment with adequate knowledge. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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