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Taking My Life Back With a Needle

So here is the background of it all: for my birthday, the ONLY thing I wanted was the one thing I knew I couldn't have. I wanted my nose pierced just as I had since I could pretty much remember. The huge snag in this whole process was I was just plain to sick to do it. My health had been dramatically declining in the past few weeks so I knew I would have to put it off.

I waited and waited and waited and finally I saw enough improvement that I thought it would be alright to do.  I set a day that I would go with my sister and do it once and for all.  However, the day before it was supposed to be done I was rushed into the ER.  

Long story short I was there for months and I was, at one point, a day away from dying.  I had to have an emergency surgery that I really, really didn't want to remove my colon.  I woke up pretty much hating my life.  I weighed 90 pounds, had a huge scar down my stomach, and a bag.  I thought I was possibly the ugliest person in the history of the world.  

The actual piercing: two months after I left the hospital I felt like I was walking around in someone else's shoes.  I wanted my life and my body back and I decided the way to do it was with a needle and some pretty jewelry.  I figured with all the crap I had taken in my life a little needle wouldn't do that much to cause some pain.  The next day I went with my dad, of all people,  to the piercing studio near my house.  I had been there before and I adored the piercer and knew his work was quality.   For someone who knows what real pain is, I was shaking in my shoes.  

 I was finally going to do it.  I picked out the jewelry I wanted and waited for them to get things set up.  While they were doing that I filled out the paperwork and showed my ID and such.  Then he took me back.  He explained he was going to clean the area and asked if I was allergic to latex or anything.  Then he marked my nose with a tiny little dot (I had chosen a 20G instead of the standard 18G just to give the piercing my own little touch).  I looked and it just seemed so perfect.  He put the little receiving tube in so it didn't accidentally turn into a septum piercing or something.  To me the receiving tube was actually the worst part and definitely the most awkward.  He told me to take three deep breaths and on the exhale of the third he would pierce.   After a quick pinch he inserted the jewelry and it was over.  I felt like such a dope because my eye was watering like crazy.   

It bled for about a half hour and was only really sore for a few days.  I could definitely sense something else in there and as weird as it may sound, my nose felt heavier for a few days.   The pain was definitely tolerable and clearly worth what I gained out of it.  I had something that would forever show I had regained my body and my confidence.   

The aftercare: I took amazing care of my new little baby.  I cared for it with a sea salt mix twice a day and never played with it.  I was extremely diligent about cleaning it while at the same time careful about not over cleaning it as I had previously done that with a new industrial.  In fact, besides cleaning it for the first five or six months I never even touched it.    

I haven't had any real complications with it but there is one regret I do have.  The only thing I regret is the timing of the piercing.  I did it before I was taken fully off of my steroids and it took a really long time to heal properly.  It was the best thing I've ever done for sure.  And, because I am a blackjack dealer I can even wear it at work without a problem.  The thing that I love most about it though is every time I look at it, it reminds me off all the things I have been through and survived.  It may sound corny, but this piercing is more than just a piercing for me, it helped me regain my outlook on life.   

NOTE: I would sincerely recommend this piercing to anyone who could want it.  Although I have said it doesn't hurt that much, it is good to keep in mind that everyone out there considering this piercing may have a different pain tolerance level.  You should never take what one person says didn't hurt because it might hurt more for you.  Also, to me, the perspective pain in a piercing should not deter you from getting what you want. After all, you do only live once


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Paul+Stezel
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Location: Milwaukee+WI

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