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Seeing the Love or How my Septum Changed my Life

I was seventeen and felt that it was time for me to get a new piercing. I wanted my septum done. At this point I'd only had my left lobe pierced and that had been with a piercing gun and not with a needle.

Needless to say, I was extremely nervous about getting my septum pierced. Having never been pierced with a needle, I had no frame of reference for what the pain would be like but I knew that I had to "suck it up" and "bite the bullet" or I'd be kicking myself for not going through with it.

In preparation, I turned to BME. I read experience, after experience, after experience, and then read some more. I wanted to know exactly what I had in store so as to not be surprised. When I couldn't possibly stand to read any more, I looked at pictures of septum piercings for hours and I thought about and decided everything from the placement, to the type of jewelry, and even the gauge I wanted.

I went into Body Accents and talked to Rick (the owner) I told him that I wanted to get my septum pierced (along with all the specifications, as I didn't know what was standard) and he told me that it wouldn't be a problem but that he was booked solid for a couple of days (during the times that worked for me anyway) and that I would need to set-up an appointment. I was slightly disappointed, but I set the appointment for the following Saturday at noon.

Sooner than expected, the day arrived. Two of my friends showed up at my house at 10:30 am and picked me up so I could get a bite to eat before getting pierced. We ate and then made our way to the shop.

We arrived at about 11:45 and Rick already had the studio prepped. I filled out the paperwork, he photocopied my ID, and we went into the studio.

He sat me down and felt for my sweet spot. That was by far the most uncomfortable thing I'd ever experienced, as I had space issues, especially where my face was involved. He found it, marked it and holding up a mirror asked me what I thought. I couldn't see the marks and asked my friends. They both said that it was even and in a good place so I gave my consent to continue.

The clamps, while uncomfortable, didn't hurt at all. As Rick began the piercing, I felt a slight pinprick and I could hear/feel the needle sliding through the tissue only to be followed by another pinprick.

That was all the pain I felt, but I wasn't done yet, I still had the needle in my nose. There was some pain while he was putting the jewelry in and I then felt a really bizarre sensation in my nose and blacked out.

While I was out, I felt an overwhelming amount of love. I looked around (as if I were in a dream) and I could see my friends and Rick and felt so much love and caring. I allowed myself to drift slightly and I understood that no matter how much wrong or evil there was in the world, there was more love.

With that realization, I came to. The first thing I saw upon opening my eyes was Rick holding me up in the chair. I looked around and saw the relief on his and my friends faces. I asked what happened, they told me I had blacked out for about five minutes.

After resting for a minute or two and drinking a glass of water Rick told me that it was time to finish up. Confused and a little woozy, I said, "Aren't we done?" Turns out, Rick only got the jewelry halfway through before I blacked out. Two seconds later, the jewelry was in and I was looking in a mirror at my new septum piercing!

It was beautiful! Rick taught me how to flip my jewelry up for work, went over aftercare with me and even gave me a generous supply of sea salt. I paid him, tipped him, and was on my way.

I have gone back to Body Accents time and time again for my piercings with the hopes of getting pierced by Rick. I've only been pierced by Rick one other time but I do have to say that all the guys at the shop do fantastic work! I now live forty-five minutes away (though only a mile or two from some other high quality shops) but I still travel back to Red Wing and the Body Accents crew anytime that I need a piercing.

It's been almost three years now and I've never had any issues with my septum and I still love it!

My septum now acts as an ever constant reminder of the love in this world and because of it I know that, no matter what, I'll survive.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rick
Studio: Body+Accents
Location: Red+Wing%2C+MN

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