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My nostril piercing!

I have been thinking about getting a nose piercing since I was about 16, and my dad had already approved of it, but some reason or another I waited 2 years to actually get it! So, one day I was hanging out with a friend of mine, when the subject of piercings came up. She has had a Labret for a while now, and I asked where she had got it done. She said she got it done in a place in the downtown area of the city called Tattoo's Unlimited. She said she really liked the piercers, the atmosphere, and the price. I was short on money, so I asked how much it cost. She said every piercing there costs $40 plus jewelry! I was so stoked! So, I then proceeded to IMMEDIATELY make plans the next week to go get it done. When I told my dad what I was gonna do, he looked at me, gave me this weird smile, and said "Whatever. It's your body". I'm still confused by that.

So that following friday, my friend, her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I waited outside the piercing studio until it opened at noon- walking around and talking, visiting the nearby erotic store, and taking pictures and things like that. When the place finally did open, we had to wait a while inside because there were people there that had already had appointments set up for opening time [we didn't]. So I just looked around at the place and it looked very professional. The tattoo gallery was hanging up on the wall and in two booklets, and they looked pretty cool. But finally, a large guy with a whole bunch of tattoos and piercings named Jose came up to the counter and asked us if he could help us with anything. I told him I wanted my right nostril done, and he said "Ok, can I see some ID?" I was like oh no! I forgot my ID at home [I live in a nearby town]. Since I didn't drive back then, I had to call my dad to ask if he could grab my ID off my tv and drive and give it to me. So, after waiting about 20 minutes. and feeling pretty stupid, I finally got it. When we went back in, some guy was getting a tattoo done, and was saying "another time". I then showed Jose my ID, he smiled and said to choose the jewelry. After I chose a star shaped stud, he said to come on to the back to get down to business.

There were no people allowed with me due to germs risk and cleanliness issues [which made me bummed], so I went alone, feeling very nervous. I have had my ears pierced since I was a baby, and a friend did my bellybutton when I was 14 but it got infected and got rejected [Doing this is a no no. I was being stupid and impulsive. Now I have a scar where the piercing used to be]. This was the first time I was actually getting pierced in an actual piercing studio. He had a female apprentice with him, and he talked to me about the cleaning procedures and what to do and now to do when you have a piercing. He got a marker, marked my nose and held a mirror up to me, asking if I liked the placement. I said yes, so he took the needle out of the small wrapper it was encased in and told me to close my eyes. Then, he said to breathe in, then breathe out. On the out, the needle went through. My eyes immediately started to water, but they both assured me it was normal. Then, in went the stud. There was a little bleeding, which he cleaned with a Q-tip. He threw that and the needle away and gave me the mirror again. I loved it! After that, I got up, went to the counter and paid. He gave me a slip of paper telling me the kind of stuff to buy for the cleaning and everything, then we shook hands and I left!

I love it so much now, and I can't imagine my face without it. In the beginning I had some problems, mainly because i kept accidentally taking it out in the shower, and putting it back in hurt so much! But I was like no, I'm keeping this piercing! So yeah, it's fine now. It isn't completely healed yet, I am not sure it's like this simply because it's a cartilage piercing and they usually take longer to heal than other piercings, or because of the times when it accidentally came out and the healing time kept getting delayed. But I haven't had any infections, no oozing pus or anything of that nature. I highly advise for people to get this piercing. I'm going to get a Vertical Labret soon, and I can't wait!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jose
Studio: Tattoo%27s+Unlimited
Location: Vacaville%2C+CA

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