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My lovely nose. [diy]

Okay so I fad gotten a few piercings before this, my belly button, my industrial, and three in each lobe they were all done professionally. And then I was hooked! I knew I could talk my parents into it after a few months, but I just didn't want to wait that long. So being the impatient teenager that I am I thought I would do it my self.

It was late at night about one or two in the morning, and I was watching TV and then I knew I should just do it. Now I had attempted to pierce my nose a few weeks ago, but I chickened out. So I said fuck it just do it. So I got my lovely supplies out, my safety pin, an earring, h2ocean, and antibacterial soap. Now yeah I know you should NEVER pierce yourself with a safety pin and I do not recommend this to anyone. So I "sterilized" the stuff as well as I could. I soaked my safety pin and earring in hot water and antibacterial soap. Then I sprayed the earring and safety pin with h2ocean.

Now it was time to get piercing. I washed my nose, and I kept washing my hands constantly. I took some eyeliner and marked where I wanted it, it took me a few times to get it right. Then I took my safety pin and I just started to poke it in the spot where it looked pretty good. It was really hard to get it started. So I took mascara and washed it and stuck it up my nose so I would know when the safety pin was through. So I pushed it and it got down to like the last layer of skin. That layer hurt the most. But I sucked up the pain and shoved it through there. And then I put my earring in there, it only took me a second to find the hole which I was happy about since I did not want to have to re-pierce it. But it took me nearly an hour to get the back on. Great for a new piercing right? I am sure I was irritating the hell out of it. So I finally got it on there. And I was really proud of myself. I was glad I had gone through with it. So now it was about three or so. And now I had to go post a bulletin on myspace. As well as take new myspace pictures. Then I decided I would head off to bed. Considering I had school in a few hours. I was afraid it would come out when I slept. But it did not.

When I woke up I felt really weird and I forgot that I had done it actually. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and I was like oh yeah! I did do it. So I sprayed it with some h2ocean. My mom did not even notice in the morning, but I told her. When I got to school everyone wanted to see. Then we are not allowed to wear make up to school but I wear eyeliner everyday and nobody says anything. But today, you bet they said something. I go to a Christian school, so they are pretty strict. Anyways I was like covering my nose up and my teacher said I am not going to say anything about your nose, but you need to go wash your make up off. I could tell they were pretty mad, but there is nothing in the dress code against it. So they let me keep it. Then later in the day my darling best friend of mine decides it would be funny in the middle of class to pinch my nose. So she pinched it and I scream what the fuck, right there in class. So the teacher, I am surprised she did not say anything she just gave me a dirty look. SO I had to run to the bathroom and clean it after she touched it with her dirty hands.

Now yeah, then I just cleaned it like all my other new piercings, you know antibacterial soap when your in the shower and spray with h2ocean a couple times a day. And I am very happy with it and the placement is really good for DIY, everyone always compliments my nose and they are always surprised when I tell them I did it. I know am very lucky that it did not get infected to. So yeah if you want this piercing get it! But I think you should get it done professionally. Or get real piercing supplies, and do not use a safety pin. But hey at least I did not use a sewing needle.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: I+did.
Studio: my+bathroom.
Location: maryland.

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