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My fabulous sweet 16 birthday present- a nostril piercing.

Since I was 9 and saw my mom's roommate's navel piercing, I've been fascinated with piercings. I've been wanting to get my nose pierced in particular since I was about 12. My mom didn't give in then, and I'm sort of glad she didn't. I made sure I really wanted this piercing and researched it. I've been glued to BME for months, looking around the whole site, but also focusing on nostril piercing pictures and devouring as many stories as possible to get an idea of what the routine is, how most people responded to the pain, etc.

A few months before my 16th birthday, I called Enchanted Dragon and asked them some questions, including what the minimum age was with a parent present, which they said was 16. Although I wished I could do it right then and there, I thought my 16th birthday was a perfect time to put some metal in my face and get a piercing I love, my first non-ear piercing.

I was so impatient for my birthday, and finally, yesterday, the day came. I had a birthday party at my aunt's house, had some pizza, opened my other gifts, then finally I got into the car with my aunt while my mom drove behind us. When we got at the studio and were walking in the door my anxiety was really kicking in. It quickly dissolved because I really liked the environment and aura of the place. All of the walls were completely covered with tattoo prints and the piercer, Travis, was really nice and charismatic. The people there who had already gotten pierced were hanging around and looked happy and were talking about how pleased they were with their piercings.

We handed over my school ID, birth certificate, and my mom's ID. Travis called me over, carrying a display and had me pick out my jewelry. I chose a surgical stainless steel nose screw with a little diamond. He told me to wait while he got everything ready, so my aunt, mom, and I looked around at the tattoo prints on the wall.

Finally he walked out of the piercing room and brought my aunt and I back in. (My aunt wanted to watch, so she also got it on video on my camera.) There was already a guy in there getting a tattoo on his back and his friends around him. Travis had me sit on the chair and marked my nose with a purple marker. I got up to look at it and thought it was perfect. He put the receiving tube up my nose, then asked if I was ready. I said yes and closed my eyes, so I couldn't see exactly what he was doing. He told me inhale, and I felt the needle go through the first layer of skin, then on my exhale it went all the way through. I flinched a bit and said "Shiiiiiiiiit!", but fortunately it didn't mess up what he was doing. It did hurt, I won't lie, but it didn't hurt as badly as I thought it would, and it was completely bearable. It was a lot of pressure and a bit of stinging. The jewelry getting put in also felt like a lot of pressure, though it was more uncomfortable than painful. I opened my eyes. My right eye was watering a bit, and my mascara was underneath my eyes from the watering. Travis cleaned off what I suppose was a bit of blood.

I saw it in the mirror and yelled, "I love it!" It looked great, and he pierced it in the perfect spot. I went to show my mom and she loved it too. We went and paid. It was only $30, plus a tip of course. They gave me a card with aftercare instructions and elaborated on a few points. When we got in the car, I looked in the mirror and saw it was bleeding a tiny bit again, but I cleaned it as soon as I got home.

Last night was my first time sleeping with the piercing, and fortunately it didn't get caught on any of my sheets. I did have dreams involving disasters with the piercing, though.

I've been cleaning it, but other than that I've been trying to use the LITHA method (Leave It The Hell Alone).

I really, really love this piercing. It looks so feminine and really enhances my features. It doesn't get red unless I'm cleaning it. People have mentioned it makes me look older, too (I already look much older than my age so people must think I'm like 20 or something). If you're thinking about getting this piercing, I say go for it! The pain is bearable, and it's over very quickly in any case. Then you have a beautiful addition to your face.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Travis
Studio: Enchanted+Dragon
Location: Tucson%2C+Arizona

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