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tears of joy

I would like start out by saying that Emanuelle is a fantastic body piercer and is now working in Hull Ontario.

I don't know why I decided to pierce my nose, I had never really been attracted to it before, and it bothered me that it was becoming so popular, but I felt like piercing my face. Now, oral piercings have always concerned me what with tooth chipping and gum receding. Eyebrow piercings, were never really my thing. I was seriously considering my septum, but with my current job that would just not fly. I decided to pierce my nostril with a double nostril in the future in mind. I would have to say that this was the least thought out piercing I have. I absolutely love each and every piercing I have and do not plan on taking any of them out ever. They are all part of a certain image I have of my body in the future. And until shortly before my piercing, I never saw myself with a nostril piercing.

I have been pierced at Cracheur many times, and can not complain. I suggest to any one thinking of getting any piercing to get to know their shop and staff before getting modified at that location. You need to know that you can trust the person with the needle (piercing or tattoo) and know that everything is sterilized. I walked up the street, which was not an easy task at the time since it was on January, freezing cold wind with snow. Then walked into the shop. I chit chatted a little with the piercer who was working there that day, and told her I was thinking about my nostril. She told me about her nostrils, how they didn't hurt, were automatically healed the next day, keep in mind this is coming from a girl who is quite heavily modified and loves suspensions.

I chose my jewelery, a nice little 3 mm silver screw, Manu marked my nose, and I confirmed the whole thing in the mirror. Climbed up on the chair, and asked her if I could blow my nose. It was runny from the walk up the street because of the cold winter wind. She told me it might be a good idea to close my eyes as it could bother me seeing her work with the needle so close to them. As with every other piercing, the piercer calmly asks you to 'breathe in' so I inhale 'and breathe out' during the exhale - POP! needle in. I can't say that it hurt it felt like I sneezed, but my eyes were tearing up! They were leaking so much. Manu quickly and effortlessly slipped the jewelery in my nose and told me I could look in the mirror.

I hardly noticed the piercing in my face as my eyes were bloodshot and tears rolling down my cheeks! I wiped my eyes, and admired my new piercing, perfectly complimenting my nose. I remember after leaving and walking down the street, my nose became SUPER cold! I am always sure to keep my piercings nice and warm in the water, as the steel jewelery gets so cold and irritates the piercing. However, I didn't have a nose hat at the time. I would suggest to anyone being pierced in snowy cities, wait until spring. Cold noses are never fun, but a piercingly cold nostril is terrible. My nose had been irritated for about two months. I cleaned with my sea salt solution when I woke up in the morning and before I went to bed every day. But I there was a small red bump that didn't go away, and dried secretion every day when I got out of bed. Like most of my piercings that are pierced with surgical steel, I waited until my piercing was less sensitive, and then switched the jewelery with titanium. In this case of my nose, after the insertion of titanium, my noses's irritation disappeared within three days.

It's been two years that I have pierced my nose, and I absolutely LOVE it. Still when I change the jewelery sometimes my eyes give out a little tear! I have the perfect little 1.6mm half dome nose bone in, my nostrils are a little flared so nose screws always hang out and look like snot! Even today when I meet people the mention how adorable my nose with a tiny silver spec in the perfect place. I have to say I love it so much that I don't want to crowd my nostril with a double piercing any more. The thought of piercing my other nostril has come to mind, but I love my piercing too much I don't want to take away from its attention. Nose piercings are classic and are accepted in many working environments. I would have to say its probably the one piercing old fashion folk don't poke fun of.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Manu
Studio: Cracheur
Location: Montreal

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