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Sisterly Septums

In March 2007 my younger sister was hit by a truck while crossing her street at a zebra crossing. She suffered major injuries, including a broken and dislocated spine, major internal bleeding, two breaks in her pelvis, broken wrist and ankle and a broken nose. Her nose naturally was the least of anyone's worries, even more so after she became seriously ill with pneumonia. Now there's a time limit on resetting a broken nose, two to three weeks and then it becomes impossible. At two weeks and six days, my sister was with it enough to go down and try the re-set. The doctor did her best but wasn't able to push it further enough back without surgery, which my sister declined and has been unhappy with her nose ever since. I was the one into mods, although she has a few baby ear stretches. In fact, she'd actually passed out looking at wrist surfaces on bme before now, but it was her idea to get a septum piercing. In her words, she wanted to make her nose pretty again.

Incidentally, the "man" who hit her has been jailed for dangerous driving this week, which haas sparked my writing this.

My sister was visiting from Suffolk a few months later when she asked me to take her to my piercer so I did. I'd been wanting a septum myself for a while so we decided to get them together. Me, my sis and my fella all hopped down to Holier Than Thou for some new holes.

After a huge fry up and a gallon of orange juice (and a slanging match with the gm travel shop bloke) we got the bus into Manchester. Me and my sis of course had our hearts set on cute little septums.

My fella decided at the last minute he wanted a horizontal eyebrow instead of a regular one, so we filled out all the forms and chatted to some petrified looking teenage girls.

My sis went in first. She was gone a while, so the lass behind the counter gave me a handful of sweets and sent me in. My sis had gone all pale once it was done. The shop was the busiest I've seen it but Kate the piercer was amazingly patient. My sis sat on the bed for a while, pondering if she was going to be sick. Thankfully she wasn't and once we got some sugar down her she was okay. She went to sit down in the hallway. My turn.

Kate opened the needle and jewellery and stuff, changed her gloves about four times and poked around in my nose. All free-hand, no clamps. Then she went for it, but hadn't gone quite fast enough so she had to push again to break through the skin on the other side. It...well lets just say it hurt alot. On reflection probably the second most painful thing I've experienced, but I could hardly moan about pain after my sisiter's accident. My eyes streamed everywhere but the pain subsided a little once the retainer was in.

My fellas eyebrow was done in no time but it bled EVERYWHERE. It looked a right mess but it finally stopped. We cleaned it up a bit and paid. I tried to reassure the girl waiting to get her septum done, she was petrified and didn't have any visible mods so I lied through my teeth and said it was fine.

The girls at holier were so friendly and helpful, I'm definitely going back there for more mods, maybe a teardrop microdermal next time.

Later that day it got knocked (actually barely touched) and it was agony each time. The pain didn't last long, but it was enough to make a calm girl swear loudly, and on one occasion actually see funny colours and nearly pass out.

Weird that my sisters was fine, she didn't feel it at all and even told me that she changed the retainer for a circular barbell barely a week later, when mine was still extremely tender.

By the second week the pain had gone, and the crust was in full flow. I'd gotten used to blowing my nose with cotton buds and rinsed off the lymph with a little warm salt water about once or twice a day.

By the third week the crustyness had almost stopped and it felt healed enough to flip down but I tried to keep it to a minimum as the retainer was a little snug when down.

By week four it wasn't lymphing at all and I decided to change the retainer. I chose a caviar cbb, which I had to tease a bit with my jewellery pliers before putting it in so I can flip it up for work.

Overall it's been my easiest piercing, bar the pain. It's been the best healer and it looks way better than I thought it would. I'd recommend the piercing and the studio to anyone. I've had the odd negative comment, mostly from chavs on the bus, but the majority have been positive. My dad hates it, but everyone else loves it. Even my middle-aged arsehole of a boss said it was nice once and he hates everything I do.

I absolutely love it to pieces and I'm considering a baby stretch. Honestly it's my favourite mod so far.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: kate
Studio: holier+Than+Thou
Location: manchester+uk

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