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Septum gone WRONG. Don't trust all piercers...

For years I have always thought about getting my septum done. I've had almost every type of ear piercing and my lip done so I thought f*ck it just do it already!

I was told by this 'guy' I know to go into town to get it done. So off I went. I have quite a high pain threshold so I wasn't worried about that. The piercer who did it was 'mates' with the guy who told me to get it done there. So I thought, 'cool', I'm in good hands. I did kind of get the vibe (always follow your intuition!!!) that she might have fancied him maybe in the past and thought I was maybe a new 'girl' in the picture, which made me feel a bit uneasy, although me and him weren't anything of that nature. She wasn't actually meant to be working that day but agreed to do my septum, and I didn't have the 30£ which it was meant to be but they agreed to do it for 25...

I should have left there and then... but No... When I set my mind to something, I do it....

She sat me down on the chair and got a marker out. She didn't fiddle around with the inside of my nose for long, which is not a good sign, (I didn't know this at the time).

She marked my nose and didn't even show me in the mirror where the marks were. Put the clamp on. Got the needle out. Then 1.2.3. CRUNCH.... BLOOD pouring down my face. It hurt more than any other piercings I've ever had. The blood didn't stop for a good minute. She said it looked well straight and good on me. I thought cool. I didn't think anything of the blood or the crunch.

A few weeks pass and this damn thing is still really tender and does not feel like its healing.... (My piercings usually heal quite smoothly) My nose looks huge. I was cleaning it very hygienically and often. What is wrong??? I called a few mates who have had this done before. They say to just keep cleaning it then go back to the shop and ask what I should do. I waited a month. 'Still hurts like F*ck.' I needed some professional advice and opinions.

The research I had done AFTER having my septum done, confirmed that if done CORRECTLY the septum piercing shouldn't hurt that much. The needle should go through the 'sweet spot' which is the thin bit of skin between the bits of cartilage in the tip.

I went to another piercing shop a bit out of town which was more done up and a bit more pricey. (I guess you get what you pay for -kicks self in ass-) I asked to talk to one of the piercers. I told him my problems and asked if he could feel around in my nose. He did, as well as he could with 2 massive metal balls in the way up my nose.

He confirmed my fear that the bar in my nose was through one of the thickest bits of cartilage in my nose....He also said that before the piercing it actually done, the piercer should fiddle about with the location of where its gonna be pierced for longer then a few seconds.... He said I should go back to the other place and ask for a refund and to take out the piercing.

Man was I pissed off....

The next day I went back to the 'other' shop but the girl who pierced me wasn't there....

Went back the day after and the guy who told me the piercer wasn't there the day before had a huge grin on his face as to say 'ohhhhhh look who it is, you're gonna get eaten alive'.

I spoke to the girl and asked if it was normal for it to be this low down and not healed yet. She said the location of where she pierced me was where she pierces all septums. (I highly doubt this) I told her I had been to other piercers and they said that it was wrong and she started getting all defensive and made me feel really uncomfortable. Everything about the situation felt really unprofessional and trashy.

She said she had been piercing for over 7 years...(So....) What?! Piercing WRONG for 7 years?!

She sent me away telling me to use some hydrogen peroxide... Though, you are meant to use it watered down because of the chemicals.

I eventually gave up on trying to heal this s.o.a.b. piercing and took it out. It took 3 further weeks for the swelling to go down.

It has now been over 3 months and my nose does not feel the same. I never used to be able to lick the tip of my nose, BUT, now I can!

If I touch the underneath of my nose I can feel a chipped bit of cartilage protruding, which I don't think is normal. The pain has slowly subsided, but my nose does not feel the same. It gets really cold really easily, when in the past it was just normal, and a normal temperature....

I want to get this piercing re-done, by someone who KNOWS what they are doing, but this whole situation has put me off.

My advice to all, is to research into WHERE and WHO you get pierced or tattooed by.

Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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