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Septum, my first facial piercing!

It was April 16th of 2008 around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I decided I was finally going to do it. I was finally going to get my septum pierced. I'd wanted to get it done for well over a year, but I was too scared of my assumptions of how much it would hurt that I avoided it.
I knew where I wanted it done and who by, and I was glad that Rockstar Body Piercing took walk-ins. I'd been there a billion times to get plugs and such for my stretched lobes and I knew the piercers quite well with how many times I'd been there. They are both wonderful and amazing, as well as rather wonderful to talk to. I decided to finally get it done and get it done by Jef Saunders of Rockstar Body Piercing. I already knew the credentials of the shop and what had appealed to me most about their credentials was that they were trained by Fakir. Which I knew to be one of the best facilities for learning to pierce, as I'd been tempted a few times to take their program.
So, I dragged my best friend Jenn along for the magical journey to get my septum pierced. We walked into Rockstar Body Piercing and I stalled for little bit by looking at what they'd just gotten in for plugs and stretched piercing jewelry. And then I finally when to the desk and asked to set up an appointment with Jef for a septum piercing. They scheduled it as a walk-in and I filled out the appropriate forms and what-not.
I asked if I could get it done with a retainer and they said yes. But they did not have any 14ga, like I had originally wanted and planned. The smallest they had at the time was 12ga, which wasn't too big and it seemed to me, after looking at it for a few minutes, to be actually a really nice size.
Then it was time to wait for Jef to finish the appointment he was in for when I came and the girl before me. It felt like one of the longest waits in the world, when in reality it was only about 20 minutes. He came out and asked me to come in and I sat on the medical table, my friend Jenn sat on the chair next to it. He spent a good 10 or 15 minutes inspecting my nose and septum and then cleaned it up. As he did so, we chatted a bit, which put me at comfort and ease with him. He made the marks and told me that I made his job both easy and hard because there was practically no deviation in my septum. Easy for the fact that he had no deviation to work around. Hard because he would have to make sure it was perfect and straight, so that I would not have to get it re-pierced at a later date.
He then asked me to lay down somewhat off the top-end of the medical bed. So that I would be hanging off the bed to about my mid-back or so. I closed my eyes after doing so and he asked me if I was ready and I said yes. And he explained the sort of pain I would feel and then boom. He shoved the needle through, my eyes watered and I winced. And he then asked me to sit up, needle still in my nose. I could feel my nose throbbing a little and the inflammatory response of heat was rushing to the spot, my eyes were still closed. He then said he was going to put the jewelry in and I simply nodded in response. It was a slight sting as he put the jewelry in and I slowly opened my eyes.
He told me it was perfect and straight, and that I wouldn't need it re-pierced. Which, was pretty awesome, to be honest. Not that it hurt the way I had assumed it would, but it was not an experience of pain I would like to do again. Ha ha.
I am extremely proud of this piercing and I love it to death, and I'm extremely glad that I finally did it. Though, in a way, I am still amazed at myself for actually and finally doing it; I'm pretty proud of myself about it. In another week or so I plan to go back to Rockstar Body Piercing and thank Jef Saunders for his wonderful work and the awesome conversations that helped me relax. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in Providence or surrounding areas. He has a wonderful bedside manner when it comes to helping you relax about a piercing that is making you nervous.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jef+Saunders
Studio: Rockstar+Body+Piercing
Location: Providence%2C+RI

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