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My septum piercing

My Septum!

I'd wanted my septum done for a while after I'd got my first piercing, and I'd heard stories that it was one of the most painful facial piercing you can get. Well I'd already had a smilie, and both nostrils and my nostrils had hurt a LOT, so I figured what the hell, it can't hurt much more than that! I psyched myself up and went into my local piercing studio and asked if I could get it done. The receptionist (and piercer) said that she wouldn't be able to do it because she'd never done one before, but Nev would be in the next day and he'd be able to do it for me. She gave me an appointment card and I put down a deposit and went home.

The next day I once again had to psych myself up and I went down to the studio again with my mate Ffi and we had to wait briefly while Nev finished up someone's tattoo. We went upstairs and one of the younger trainee piercers asked if I minded if he came to watch. I said the more the merrier and he followed me Nev and Ffi upstairs. I sat down on the bench and he talked me through the procedure, how he would mark my nose and how he'd pierce it. I stood up as he poked around in my nose finding the soft spot and dotted my nose on both sides. He told me he'd have to pierce it from above so I'd have to lie on the bench. I lay down as he was getting a fresh needle and clamps etc. I chose a little black BCR and he took the ball off and placed it on the table. I took Ffi's hand, as I always do before I'm having a piercing and he placed the needle close to my face, told me to breathe in then he told me to breathe out and as I did he lid the needle through my nose. It wasn't all that painful really, my nostrils had hurt a lot more. He snipped the end of the needle off and slide the tube out followed by the ring. Putting the ring on felt a bit awkward but he got it on and I jumped up to take a look in the mirror. I was bleeding quite a lot so I stayed in the room and had a glass of water and sat there dabbing at my nose. Nev told me not to go downstairs until I felt completely ok, just so I didn't collapse and fall down the stairs! We sat talking to the trainee while I was admiring my nose. It felt weird having something swinging from my nose. The extra weight felt very odd. We went back downstairs anyway and there were a few people in the waiting area and one of them commented that it suited me. I paid the trainee and they gave me some cleaning fluid and off I went happily pierced.

The next day I'd got work and I figured my boss might not like it so I took off the ball and attempted to swing the ring up into my nose like Nev had said I could. Problem however, the ring was just too big to get up my nose. I trotted along to work anyway and the look on my manager's face was priceless. She told me she couldn't look at it and would I be able to change it for the next shift. Id already bought a retainer for it before I'd gotten it done in case there were any work related (or mother related) problems with it. My next shift was in two days so I waited until that day and popped into the studio and asked if they'd be able to change it before I went to work. Ned said he would and he finished up someone else's tattoo

and we went upstairs. The trainee followed us as I said he could watch if he liked. I sat down on the bench again and I gave Nev my titanium retainer. He cleaned it and put a bit of Vaseline on it. He put it in some clamps and then he cleaned around the edge of the BCR in my nose. He explained to the trainee that it had to be clean as not to pull any crusites into the piercing. He removed the ring and then popped downstairs for what seemed like forever, I was fully adamant that if he didn't hurry up It was going to heal up! He came back in anyway and placed the retainer next to my nose. Because it was pierced fairly high up there wasn't much room between each side of the retainer, plus some of that space had got the clamps in it, so putting it in was quite excruciating. He placed it by my septum and I closed my eyes and held my breath. It took a while to get it

in and I found it so painful I actually cried out. My eyes were watering like no ones business (I swear I wasn't crying!) but eventually he got it in and flipped it up. Brilliant, you couldn't see it at all. Nev went back downstairs and I stayed chatting to the trainee again. He said he could see how much it had hurt; It honestly hurt far more than the piercing itself did. We went downstairs and I thanked Nev and the trainee even gave me a lollipop for being so brave. I went to work straight after and my boss looked a lot happier to see me.

I usually have trouble healing my piercing, I always have done. Had trouble with nose bumps, scarring on my cartilage piercing in my ears but this little baby hasn't caused me much bother, I think the holes have slight bumps on them, but I figure it doesn't do me any harm and you cant see them so I'm happy!

Nowadays I don't bother hiding any of my piercing, either my boss is used to me or she's just given up all hope! Either way I'm never happy hiding my septum as its one of my favourite piercings, and well worth the pain!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Nev
Studio: Redskin+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Bangor%2C+Wales.

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