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My Dirty Little Secret.

By nature, humans strive to do what they feel is necessary, or in some cases, what they feel is right.

I am a frequent viewer of BME, and of piercings in general. I aspire to be a piercer when I grow up, and I have a overly-decent amount of knowledge for nearly 50+ piercings. I am on BMEZine.com every single day, investing countless hours browsing photos and experiences when I should be indulging in the wonders of trigonometry or biomed. With that said, I hope you realize by now that I am a piercing-fanatic.


Let's rewind two years, give or take. BME had not come across to me yet, but being a frequent user of the drug known as MYSPACE, I had come across many people who wore a Septum Ring.

Carefully weighing the situation, I eagerly came to my mother, and sat down across from her. My exact words? "Mom, I think I'm ready to be an adult. I want a septum ring."

Her exact words? (being a medical practitioner, she knew fully what I was talking about) "Are you insane? No."

I bargained, trying to get any piercing at all.

Her answer, no.

I have yet to give up.

Fast forward, a year. In front of me, I have, a 18g sewing needle, some peroxide, and no ring. To the side of me, my friend Ashley, videotapes as I waste ten minutes pushing the needle through.

"Holy. Shit". I feel light headed. I heard no pop, no pain, just weariness. I sat on the floor and then realized.

"I have no, fucking ring." "You dont what?" "HAVE A FUCKING RING, ASHLEY." "Use an earring." "...Yeah. No."

Failed Attempt #1.

Three months later, I try again. This time. A 14g sewing needle, a 12g nipple ring (my brother has them pierced) and peroxide.

No friend this time. I had already become addicted to BME, so I know the procedure better. Shoving the needle through, I wince. Blood. I pull it out, attempt to put the ring through, it's too thick. I mutter a string of curses under my breath, and try again. No luck. I give up.

Failed Attempt #2.


It's been nearly two years, and I'm more determined then ever. I ordered a 14g sterilized hollow needle, a 14g BlackOut Circular Barbell, Some alcohol wipes, A receiving tube, and some gloves.

I am ready, set, and about to go.

I know the game plan, I ran it through my head for the past month; planning it out: I pierce myself first, insert the ring, then turn to my right. My friend Dani Filth (not the cradle of filth singer, though I wish he'd be there too :D) awaits her turn. I promised to pierce her nostril with an 18g nostril screw and hollow needle.

Pressing the needle to my nose, my entire world shatters. Time is stopped. My memories flash before me, I now know, this is it. I have everything now. Pierce it, Jinx, Pierce it, I tell myself. Theres no backing down now. I shrug away all doubts and glide the needle through each layer of flesh, tearing it into a hole.

I stand there, breathless, my hands quivering. No blood this time, a slight throbbing, a slight headache. I told myself that I should have slept the night before, ah fuck it.

My friend Danielle stares in awe, but smiles and cheers.

I am beautiful. I am who I've wanted to be.

I thread the ring through and stare back at the reflection. The reflection smiles, and for once, I smile back. I am happy with who I am. My parents may not be, but I am. I have succeeded.I have accomplished my life goal. I am happy.

I turn to my right and smile, "You ready?" I ask my friend. She is already sitting on the chair. I replace my gloves and move towards her.

My mind is free, and I am slowly becoming the piercer I want to be.

At last, I can thank BME for its wonderful website which has broadened and continues to expand my horizons. I look forward to writing more experiences for you.

Thank you, BME, and thank you Readers.

Re-Reading this now, I feel obliged to say, that DIY piercings are not safe. Safety pins should not be used, and proper equipment should be in your possession. The soreness is minimal, as is the pain. I am glad I did not go to St. Marks to get it pierced, and proud that I did it myself. My parents do not know, and I will intend to keep this my own dirty little secret. I use seasalt soaks to clean it every day, in the morning and at night.

My septum is a mark of my happiness. It is one of the scars that I'd proudly show off.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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