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First facial piercing, low pain tolerance!

I had never considered myself a body mod kind of person; in fact, I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 15 out of an unholy fear of the pain (since I have ridiculously low tolerance and sensitive skin). However, as my approaching 18th birthday became a reality, I began to think I might like to try a facial piercing. After thinking it through, I chose a standard nose piercing--after all, I reasoned, if it sucked, I could just take it out. They seemed pretty timeless and not too trendy, so if I decided I liked it, I could presumably keep it a long time, and I loved the look of nose rings.

After months of campaigning my parents still loathed the idea and wouldn't sign off on it, so one day after my 18th birthday I marched into Thinkin Ink and hoped I wouldn't chicken out. I had called a couple of weeks before to check up on price and to ask a few questions, and they had been nothing but helpful and seemed to be cool as far as sterilization. After choosing my jewelry (I paid $30 for a ring, studs were more expensive and I wanted a ring anyway) and waiting a few seconds for their piercer to finish up somebody else, he came out and told me to come with him to a room towards the back.

I didn't catch my piercer's name, but he was young and pretty cute--one of the underrated things nobody seems to talk about much with piercings is how hot it is to be pierced or tatted by somebody attractive, even if it's something as unsexy as your nostril! He asked me which side I wanted, agreed with my decision of the left, and test-marked a spot on my nose for me to double-check. It was perfect the first time, and I settled down in the chair and warned him I might holler. He laughed, said that was fine, changed his gloves and unwrapped a 18 gauge needle (I asked) from a disposable package. He asked me to breath in, breath out, and then pierced me.

And I did holler, which is embarrassing! Something like "OW, FUCK" as the needle went through. It stung like a bitch and stung worse when he put the jewelry in, not unbearably so, but pretty badly nonetheless. The piercer gave me the lowdown on sea salt soaks, not putting makeup on it, etc. (everything I already knew from my research), gave me an aftercare sheet, and sent me on my way. (After laughing at me a little for yelling so loud, which I probably deserved.) It was sore for a long time--the rest of that day, plus a couple days after, mostly when I turned my head or accidentally flared my nostrils. Sleeping was fun for a few days as I kept messing with it in my sleep, but eventually I got used to it after waking up with it bleeding a couple times. It didn't bleed much when it was pierced, but when it would get bumped or messed with it would start--not a lot of blood, but enough to get me worried. Some really diligent care for a couple days after that would always clear it up though.

It took a looong time to heal--I'm almost 19 now and it only entirely settled down maybe three months ago. It would be fine for a while, then flare up if I didn't wash my face one night or sweated too much. But sea salt soaks always calmed it down as long as I was careful to not half-ass it. It seems to like studs better than rings too, maybe because I have trouble not fidgeting with rings sometimes. Now it's fine, though, and even when I go to get the jewelry changed it gives me almost no trouble. (Except the first time, when I tried to change it myself... that didn't go so well. I can change studs easily, obviously, but rings drive me crazy and it always ends up with me bleeding and going back to the piercer to get him to change it.)

My job now requires me to wear a tiny stud instead of a ring, but I'm totally fine with that, it could be much worse. For my 19th, I'm thinking of getting my nipple pierced--something I couldn't have imagined a couple years ago, but that seems pretty irresistible now. I love my nose piercing, even though a lot of people have them--I forget it's there a lot of the time and then suddenly remember later and smile. I'm even okay with the stud, it's just a small plain metal one but I feel like it's visible. And I'm pretty proud of myself for going through with it at a time when I was terrified of it hurting too badly. So if you've got low tolerance, don't worry--it's totally worth the pain.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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