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3rd time... wasn't the charm.

When I was 17, nostril piercings intrigued me. Every night, I'd sit and browse pictures on BME and wondered if it would look good on me.

2 days later, I found myself sitting in a piercing chair with a needle sticking though my face. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Just made my eyes water, which is normal.

Without thinking and being high on adrenaline, I chose a cbr to be placed through my right nostril. Getting it in was a bit tricky, but soon enough, I had a purple ring through my nose.

First thought was "oh dear God, what the hell have I just done. I don't suit this at all"... but I just wanted to get the hell out of there, especially since the place itself wasn't exactly what I'd call "clean".

To take my mind off what I'd just done, I had a few drinks at a local bar, which looking back now, was rather silly of me.

The next 3 days were fine. No swelling, not too much pain, no blood, pus, etc. but I wasn't a fan of the cbr.

Mistake number 2: 3 days later, I went back and had them change it to a small L shaped, pink UV silver nostril stud.

Weeks passed and my nose was fine. I cleaned it twice daily, never fiddled until on another boozy night out (mistake number 3), it got ripped out of my face thanks to my friends large hair. Crazy..

I spent the next 15 minutes looking for it. but to no avail. In a panic, I took out an earring, washed it as best as I could (which wasn't enough, obviously) and pushed it through.

2 hours later, I found my original nostril stud and again, cleaned it badly and changed it.

Next day, what do i have? The dreaded nostril bump. I was distraught.

I heard tea tree oil would help, so I applied it daily.

Weeks later, it still didn't properly go. I decided it was best to just let it be. I removed the jewelry and within days, there was no visible mark at all.

A week later, I felt bare. I had it done at the same place but on the other nostril (left). This time, I picked a proper nostril screw with a gem. Again, at first it was fine. Weeks passed and what do I have? ANOTHER nostril bump. I was amazed, because this time, I only touched it to clean it and didn't have any accidents. I put it down to bad jewelry, because as I'd said, the parlour wasn't too good..

but being a naive teenager, I didn't care. I just wanted a damn nostril piercing!

After popping the bump (which you shouldn't ever do) it just came back again and again. I got mad and removed it.

This time, I was so pissed off with myself after spending money on 2 failed piercings in a crappy place, I decided if I'm going to get another, I'm going to find a place which I'm satisfied with. With good jewelry and good piercers.

I waited about 4 months.

I went to Canterbury at the Belly Bar. It looked fantastic inside and the piercing room was very sterile.

I chose a purple nostril screw. It was money well spent, because this time, nothing went wrong, apart from it hurt alot more thanks to scar tissue.

I spoke to soon..

6 months of having the piercing, I decided I HAD to change the jewelry. It hurt like a bitch to get out. and I couldn't get another nostril screw in. In another panic, I found some old L nostril studs and just shoved one in.

In total, I had the piercing for about a year. (I am 19 now).

About 3 weeks ago, I woke up with my nose THROBBING like anything. It felt hard to the touch, was very red and sore.

Infection? After everything I'd been through? I didn't understand HOW if it was, but I just gave up all together.

Now I'm sitting here, with a scar on my nose and no piercing.

I think nostril screws seriously aren't for me. If it wasn't for trying to twist it out and getting it back in, I'd still have it now.

It really has put me off for a while. If I ever try again, I'm going to try getting it pierced with something else my nose was made for. :(

I do have my heart set on other facial piercings, but I'm afraid they will get in the way of any future jobs. So for the time being, I'm focusing on the piercings I wanted in my ears. So far I have 6 lobe piercings (3 on each side), left tragus and right helix. Next up will probably be a conch on my right ear, once my helix has healed, which I got done 2 weeks ago by the way, again, at the Belly Bar in Canterbury.


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on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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