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The ol' septum-palooza

First of all, if you're reading this because you want to get your septum pierced, just DO IT! It rules. If you're reading this because you just like reading and maybe you've gotten your own done, right on. I'll try and keep it interesting. I guess I should start this tale at the beginning. I mean, I could do it Memento style and start from the end and move chronologically backwards, but I'm sure neither you nor I have the patience to do that. So back the beginning. It was the end of summer last year, wait... further back. Haha! It all started in high school. I had the usual angst and rebellious attitudes that many highschoolers share, and thus wanted to do something original and maybe also piss of my parents. My sister had already forged a pretty badass path in front of me, what with piercing her own bellybutton and then getting her septum pierced so my parents had already been around the block somewhat.  
As much as I would've hated to admit it at the time, I really looked up to and respected my sister. She's 2 years older than me and is so cool. I loved her septum piercing. It took a little while, but it really got under my skin (ha!). I was only 15 or 16 at the time and there was no way the rents would consent to let me get any facial piercings (you know, the whole "But it would ruin your face!! What about scars!?!") So I patiently waited, scheming to get my anti-eyebrows and lip and septum and nostril all pierced. Finally, My 18th birthday comes around, and goes around. Still no piercings! Alas, the funds were short and so were my balls apparently(yeah I'm a lady! what of it?)  
Finally, back to the end of summer, a few months after my birthday. I was working full time and had some moolah. It was my friends birthday and we were just shopping around at some thrift stores, no big plans or anything. Out of the blue, I was like "Huh, I want to get my septum pierced, bad." She replies, "Whoa, I want to get my nostril pierced..." Us, together, triumphantly, "LET'S DO IT!! HOORAY!!"  
So we sped away to Tribal Rites and filled out the paperwork and all that jazz. Then we're sitting in the waiting room and, shit. Oh shit. This was really going to happen. I had barely had time to comprehend or prep myself, which was probably good so I didn't psych myself out or anything. We had a little down time while we were waiting so I used it to just calm down and think about what I was doing. I had heard everything about getting your septum pierced from it was the most painful experience they had ever gone through to it didn't hurt at all. I guess I was just going to have to see for myself. 
It was time. My friend and I discussed who would go first, and since it was her birthday, I let her decide. I was in the hot seat first, which I was actually pretty happy about. I was prepped by the piercing apprentice who was really sweet and nice and she had her septum pierced too and she reassured me that it would be worth it and I had my friends had to hold so I wasn't doing too bad. When it was needle-time I was pleasantly surprised that there would be no clamp involved. I had heard that was the most painful part, but my piercer, Chad, said he really never used clamps on septums. Phew. 
He told me to take a deep breath in and then exhale. SHARP SHARP SHARP! Then it was over. It hurt like hell for approximately 10 seconds, like a wasp was stinging the inside of my nose, and that was it. A few tears were streaming down my face, but I hear that's pretty standard. I was so pumped that I did it!! Putting the jewelry through was no big deal and it didn't bleed hardly at all. I get killer nosebleeds, so I was kind of expecting a bloodbath. When it was all said and done, I must say I looked good. Damn good. 
When it was my friends turn, I could barely focus. I was on a piercing high. It seemed to me though, that she had a more difficult experience than I did. We both went on our merry way afterwards and got smoothies and commented on how good the other one looked and just generally felt on top of the world, yo! 
For about a month afterwards my lil' septum was pretty damn sensitive. If I bonked it kissing or sleeping or anything it would hurt for a while, possibly even worse than when it was pierced. But, hands down, the most painful thing of the whole ordeal is when I would turn the ring and a little crusty would go through the hole. It hurt all the way into my sinuses. Like Zeus was hanging out in my nasal cavities throwing lightning bolts through my schnozz. When that happened, I knew it was time for a salt water soak. 
As it healed, I went through the smelly nose-cheese phase (it was hella rank, but also kind of pleasing. ew.) and I now am totally healed and rocking a gold septum piece. If I had any advice to give, it would be to have someone with you during the piercing, and to just know that it'll hurt for a while, but the pain is temporary.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Chad
Studio: Tribal+Rites
Location: Fort+Collins%2C+CO

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