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I've never been a fan of septum piercings, I'm not sure why, I guess I just thought they were a little bit ugly and out of the ordinary. But somehow, over a period of time I was swayed into liking these piercings. I cannot say exactly why I began to think about getting my own septum pierced, but I can make an educated guess that the exposure to them I got on Bme helped me to understand and appreciate them a little bit more.

This piercing hasn't been on my list of to get piercings for a whole lot of time, I would say it only graced the list for a few weeks, whereas a tragus has been on my list for a LONG time. But, like I mentioned earlier I had a lot of exposure to this piercing through Bme and I had wanted a third facial piercing for a long time. I wanted three facial piercings because I just felt that I needed to have three, my face felt kind of bare with just snakebites. So I went ahead and got the septum, heres the story;

When I told my boyfriend what I wanted, he wasn't best pleased. But when I told him the symbolic reasons behind why I wanted the septum, he said he would buy it for me. The first studio he rang up was bananas, the place I had been to for my first tattoo, they quoted a septum at £40 which I told my boyfriend was a bit steep seeing how I'd seen it at other studio's for £25. He then rang up bitch ink, a studio I'd previously been to for one of my lip piercings.I don't have one regular studio, I like to travel around and experience different places. The woman who took the call quoted £25 to my boyfriend-that was more like it! So then I got dressed, played computer games with my little brother for awhile(I had time to kill because Rob would not be in until after 7)

The taxi arrived at about ten to seven and we got in, and sped off to ockendon which isn't far from where I live, in fact it's the next town away. I was so nervous that whole journey, over and over I thought about how bad this was going to hurt-and I was scared!

We had to wait awhile at the studio for Rob to come in so I filled out some consent forms, and flicked through some skin deep magazines, I think my boyfriend was as nervous as I was, I told him not to come in the room with me as I knew he hated needles, and was gonna hate this piercing.

Then Rob came in, set up his stuff and called me through to the little room I'd had my lip pierced in. He told me to sit down on the doctor like bed and I asked how painful this was gonna be. He said "out of ten? Twelve." This made me super nervous but he laughed so I figured he was joking and he told me that this would be less painful then my industrial which put me at ease because that kinda hurt a lot! We spoke for a little while about the piercing and what not whilst everything was prepared. Then he got some clamps (which he removed from a package) and put them on my septum-OUCH! That hurt! I feel a wuss for saying that clamps hurt me but damn they did. My eyes were already streaming, I was worried what they'd do when the needle met my septum. Rob asked me to breathe in and out and as I was breathing he pushed the needle through. I was surprised at the minimal amount of pain. I mean, a needle through any part of your body isn't lovely and you can always expect some pain but this was minimal! My eyes still watered uncontrollably though. Rob then put the jewelery in which was slightly uncomfortable. He then handed me a mirror to see it-it looked cool but it was BIG way big, Rob said that if I came back next week he would then have new jewelery and would change it for me. Then came enough problem, it wouldn't flip up! I worried because my parents knew I was getting it done but wouldn't want to see it, I was visiting my nan in a few days and didn't plan on telling her about it AND my boyfriend would HATE it. Rob didn't have any other jewelry so I'd have to make do, nervously I approached my boyfriend-he looked disgusted. We paid, got an aftercare sheet and left.

We headed to the train station as thats where we would be getting our taxi from later. The whole time my boyfriend barely spoke, when he did he said the septum looked disgusting. Thats when I came up with a bright spark idea, maybe if I went back to the shop Rob would be able to bend up a little bcr so it could flip up into my nose. So we raced back to the shop and I asked Rob if this was possible. Kindly he said yes, and he removed the septum barbell, put a tube through it instead, bent up a small bcr and fed it through the tube. This looked MUCH better than the larger barbell AND it flipped up into my nose! I asked how much the bcr would be, and he said I could have it free of charge because he didn't like to see his customers unhappy. I thought this was really cool and nice of him, thanked him then left a happy bunny.

It's two days since I've had my septum pierced now and I really like the way it looks. So far it hasn't given me much grief at all, I've been cleaning it with salt water, and it hasn't hurt too bad. The best news of all though is that my boyfriend says he much prefers the smaller ring and he is slowly getting used to it! Hopefully one day he will love it just like I do. For the meantime I'm going to lay off piercings for awhile, but when I go back to them It'll be my cartilage project I finish off.

So all in all the septum has been a positive experience to me, and I think it really is one of those piercings that you have to get for you and not care about what others think. Its easy to hide, relatively painless, simple to care for and looks gorgeous!

Happy piercing =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: Bitch+ink
Location: Ockendon%2C+Essex%2CUk

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