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my septum, third times the charm!

Well my septum experience I would have to say was very, well painful, and here is why.

I originally had my septum done a while back. The day before Halloween however to my dismay it was crooked. Not by much however I have OCD in the way that I can't stand things not being perfect {or the way I want anyways} so I took it out after only two days of having it. Now when I had that one done it was relatively painless which surprised me. So when I got it this time I went into thinking it would be just like last time quick and painless, well it wasn't. Brittney and I decided we were going to get our septum's done by our friend's cousin, who dose piercings not as a job but just for the liking of them. So we left at lunch from school and had Brittney's boyfriend pick us up and drive us to Erika (the piercer) house. We arrived said our hellos and she went to get her tools. Brittney was very nervous I tried my best to reassure her that it is very quick and only feels like a pinch. Erika came down with her box of all her tools and we began talking about my last septum she did. She was shocked when I said it was crooked and said it would not happen this time, Brittney pleaded for me to go first however I told her she would go first so she would get it done without seeing my facial expression and getting to scared. She agreed and sat on the stool in the kitchen. Now I know what your thinking "omg a piercing at home? In a kitchen? That's not sterile." In my opinion it was clean. Erika used sterile needles, changed her gloves, and sterilized and cleaned everything. We showed Erika the jewelry we bought to be put in out noses, there were 16 gauge black captive rings. We only bought the captive ring once since they were the smallest gauge and they did not have any horse shoe or retainer rings available at the time. So we asked Erika if she would just stretch out the captive rings, just so we could flip them up. We didn't care if they didn't look "cool" or anything since they were mainly just for the heeling process. So she did just that, she stretched the ring out just enough so we could hide them. She than placed both the rings in a solution to clean them. She got her clamps ready opened up a needle and clamped tight on Brittney's nose. She told us she clamps a little harder than usually so that way people focus more on the pain from the clamps than on the pain from the needle. Erika told Brittney to breath deep and count 1....2.....3...PUSH. And in went the needle with a little "pop" on its way out. Erika quickly put in the ring and gave Brittney a paper towel to wipe her eyes. Now for those of you who don't know when you get your septum pierced your eyes always water (like when you get hit in the nose and your eyes water) since your nose is connected to your sinuses. Than it was my turn. I sat on the stool and my heart began to race slightly, mainly from excitement. Erika than changed her glove and got a fresh new needle to shove in my nose. She clamped my nose tight and told me to breath I did than she lined it up the needle and said "okay, here I go" and that she did! She shoved the needle right through my nose and to my surprise it hurt more than anything I have felt before. Which surprised me since my first one was essentially painless. Erika quickly put in the jewelry and looked at it and than said the worst thing I have ever heard in my life... "It's crooked" my heart sank. She asked if I wanted it again and I said yes. She took out the ring and blood began to drip known my nose. Erika than took a piece of paper towel soaked in an alcohol solution and squeezed on my nose to stop the bleeding. Than I sat back down for my second time! She reclamped my nose and lined up the needle, I grabbed Brittney's hand and squeezed as the needle passed through my nose again, hurting just as much the second time as it did the first time however this time it was completely straight. She slipped in the ring and cleaned up some of the blood in my nose and handed me a paper towel to whip my eyes. Since by now I had tears rolling down my eyes however I can proudly say none of them were from crying. We paid Erika and had Azriel drive Brittney and I back to school. And that my friends, was my septum experience. And I am very pleased with my septum and believe it was worth having it done twice. And proves I am not a wuss (haha) I hope my expense didn't scare you of getting a septum it is worth the pain, and mine only hurt more since the needle went through scare tissue, and even than the pain is well worth it! I wish you all best of luck with your piercings =]
If you have any questions or want to see how my septum looks add me on myspace. www.myspace.com/scenerocker666 (lame url I know its old).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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