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My first real piercing, my nostril.

My very first piercing!

For as long as I can remember I had wanted a few piercing but my Mam had never really liked them, so I respected her not to do anything until I was a little older. Id had my ears pierced 8 times in my teens (with encouragement from my Mam!) Some of her excuses were 'Not under my roof' and 'Not until you've got a job' I took it all in stride and waited it out. My mom had actually encouraged me to get my ears pierced as a little girl, I used to be terrified, every time we walked past a jewellers I used to walk far away from it on the edge of the pavement, knowing my mam would ask if I wanted to get my ears pierced! My dad had also promised me when I got my ears pierced he would get a tattoo with my name on it, seeing as he'd already had commemorative tattoo's for my brother and my mam.

One I'd moved to Uni I didn't want to rush into anything so I waited a while then I finally decided I wanted to get my first. Id moved out of my parent's home and Id got my own job, my own money. I was 20, She couldn't possibly mind me getting something now! I had wanted the centre of my lip pierced for years but in the end I decided on something subtle to begin with, a simple nose piercing. I went to our local piercing and tattoo studio Dragons Den which a few of my friends had had piercing at and the staff were always friendly and Id been in the back where they do piercing when Id been with my friends in there. It was nice and clean and seemed like a good place to start my piercing adventure with!

I went in and had to wait as the piercer was finishing with another client. We sat chatting to the tattooist until he was done then I went in with my friend Ffion who was there to hold my hand! I sat down on their bench as he found me a pretty titanium stud with a pink jewel in and got out a new needle and clamps. We sat chatting as he found the scissors and asked which side I wanted done and said id got a really nice nose to pierce. He started sliding the clamps up my nostril and my eyes started watering as he moved it. Feeling the clamp up my nose was a bit uncomfortable but eventually he got it in place. He told me that it would feel like a grating in my nose, rather than a smooth passing, and that my eye would probably water. He told me to breathe in and as I breathed out he slid the needle through my nose. It hurt quite a lot in my opinion, having had only piercing in my ears, all flesh piercing, rather than cartilage. It felt a bit bizarre that it didn't go in smoothly, but I sat there with my eyes closed and he made comment about the fact I wasn't moving at all and that Id held my breath for a while! He took the clamps out and snipped the end of the needle off. My friend told me the worst part was over, trying to make me feel a bit better and the piercer told me that getting the nose screw in would hurt a little and it did as he twisted it in. My eye watered a little but when I looked in the mirror I loved my new hole! I stood there admiring it as we chatted, mainly about the plugs in my ears if I recall. He told me cleaning instructions and said if there were any problems then to just pop by. We went out into the reception area and me and my friend chatted for a while with the piercer and tattooist and I thanked them, paid and we left. We went to the pub and celebrated my brand new hole!

The healing process has been up and down. Everything was going fine as id been doing sea salt soaks but one day I noticed a small bump on the inside of hole. Because it wasn't visible I wasn't too worried and did a bit of research on the net to see if anyone had experienced the same thing. It seemed like a pretty common problem that went away with a bit of babying. I continued looking after it and eventually the bump went away.

Ever since this first piercing (im writing this months afterwards as I decided to share my experiences with you guys!) I have to say I've become addicted. I've had a further nostril piercing (now retired) my septum, a smilie and a labret piercing. I've also had a further three piercing in my ears. I am planning to get my nostril redone on the other side as well as a medusa piercing. A word of warning. A simple nose stud can seriously increase the holes in your face!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Dragons+Den
Location: Bangor%2C+Wales.

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