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I Thought You Said 'Painful'?

My quest for a new facial piercing has been going on since before spring 2007. After piercing random things myself (bad idea, don't do it), my stepmom and dad agreed to let me get my bellybutton pierced in March 2007. After this, I immediately wanted more piercings. Not being able to wait to talk my parents into it, I pierced my septum myself (once again, don't do it) June 2007. My parents agreed to take me to get my monroe for my birthday in August. However, they found out that I had done my septum without them knowing and didn't allow me to get my monroe.

My mom wasn't aware of any of these piercings until November or so. She wanted me to wait to get any, but approved of them anyway. In January 2008, my mom and I began talking about getting something new pierced. I told her to choose between a monroe (the piercing I've wanted for years) or my nostril (which I would probably keep longer), and she decided that the nose was more appropriate. The only catch was that I had to remove my septum ring. Not a big deal, as I was getting another hole in my nose, so I took it out and awaited my new piercing.

We planned on going to get my nose pierced in February when she returned from vacation. However, when she came back home, we kept being extremely busy and not having the time. Then came the issue of consent forms. After a few trips around town and a few phone calls, we decided to go to Body Accessories, which is where I had my belly button pierced at. I think they may have been renamed as they're under new management, I'm not sure.

Two days (Tuesday) before my mom was leaving on vacation (again), she turns to me and says "Is the piercing place open right now?". I ran to my computer to find the number, call, and the man (I can't remember his name, but he's super nice) said that the normal piercing is out, but he also pierces. I didn't want to have to wait any longer, so I asked if I could come in to get my nose pierced and he said sure and asked when I'd be getting there. Finally, I was actually going to get the piercing I've been waiting for.

My mom had to drive to get it because I was starting to get shaky, which is weird because I love piercings, but I always get a bit shaky before. We arrive, and he said he was in the middle of changing someone's jewelry and would be out in a few minutes.

About five minutes later, I'm standing in front of a mirror with a purple dot on my right nostril saying "Yeah, that looks good". I sat back down, and as he was putting the clamps on (which I always seem to feel more than the needle), he was saying "It's not a difficult piercing, but it is slightly painful, and your eye is going to water". I already knew that most people complain of their eyes water while getting their nose pierced, so I expected it. My mom came over and grabbed my hand and, I swear, she was squeezing my hand harder than I was squeezing hers.

He lines he needle up, and I shut my eyes. He told me to take a deep breath, and as I exhaled, in went the needle. All I could think was "...that was it?". Maybe I'm weird, but I didn't feel it at all. He lined the jewelry up, and there was a slight pinch as it went it. He pierced it with a 15 and put in a 16 gage hook, so there was a small amount of blood, but not much. We paid, said thanks, and left.

Today marks five days of having my nostril pierced, and I absolutely love it. My nose hasn't been sore at all, and it's given me no problems. The day after I got it pierced I accidently scratched my nose and caught the piercing, which made that side of nose be extremely red for about an hour, but it didn't really hurt. It's not a problem to sleep on, blow my nose, or when I'm changing shirts. My nose did get really runny the Thursday and Friday after I got it pierced, which was really annoying as I was stage manager for a play, and had to keep asking my set crew to run backstage and get my tissues during the play. I wash it twice a day, and usually soak it at least once a day. I have forgotten to wash it at least two times (odd for me since I'm very good with upkeep of new piercings), but it hasn't had anything negative happen, knock on wood.

Overall, I'm really glad I've finally got my little metal pimple glittering in my nose. I look like an idiot, walking around with my left eye closed so I can look down and see it with my right. It's a wonderful piercing and I highly recommend Body Accessories, they're really nice and extremely clean. Now to think up a new piercing to get : )


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on: 24 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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