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Finally got my nostril pierced!

April 18 2008

I've wanted to get my nostril pierced for a long time now. When I was 15, I was actually going to get that and my tongue done at the same time, but I ended up getting my tongue and navel pierced. So, now at 19, I decided I really wanted to get it done. The stars basically have to align for me when I want to go out and do stuff.(In other words, I always need to find someone to watch my son. He's a troublemaker in the terrible twos so it's hard.) My fiancé and I actually got lucky and dropped our 2 yr old boy off at his parents for the night.

We went to the Enchanted Dragon parking lot. We looked in and saw that it was pretty packed (it's a Friday night), so decided we'd go home and check it out again in an hour. That kind of sucked cuz I was ready to get in and just get this over with as quickly as possible. I had butterflies and the only way to get rid of them is to go through with stuff you wanna do. My boy's friend came over and went with us this time.

At 11pm, we drove back up there and it didn't look too packed this time so we went in. I filled out a form, and then my boy and his friend played pool while we waited. (There were 2 people ahead of me.) At about 11:50, I was finally ready to get my nose pierced. I asked her some questions cuz I was really nervous. I was afraid it was going to gush blood or swell. (I had just gotten my Monroe done 4 weeks ago there by a guy that worked there Sunday nights and it swelled up and gushed blood so bad that he couldn't get the jewelry in. He didn't hit any nerves, blood vessels, or veins, apparently I'm just a bleeder! So that wasn't a very good experience!)

Once I calmed my nerves, I went behind the counter after picking out a tiny diamond stud and hopped up on the bed. She showed me all the packages so I knew everything was new and sterile. She drew a dot on my nostril, but I didn't like the placement, so she drew a couple more and we picked one that we thought looked good. My nerves were really bad at this point and I felt kind of nauseous, but I'm not one to back out of anything...especially once I'm already in there and sitting on the bed. After she wiped down the outside of my left nostril, then swabbed the inside clean, she put this silver tube up against the inside of the nostril. (She says it keeps the needle straight and from poking my septum.) Once it was placed where the little dot was, she had me take 2 deep breaths, and when I exhaled, she stuck the needle through the tube and through my nose. It went through so fast that I didn't believe it was actually done. It took less than a second and I didn't feel anything. It was just a teeny painless pinch. I was expecting a hammer to the nose pain and it turns out I worked myself up for absolutely nothing. It didn't bleed much either. I think it was just a few drops. I was even holding paper towels under my chin cuz I was afraid it would pour blood. (My monroe wound got blood all over my face and jacket.) The jewelry was already in cuz it was the kind that was already on the needle and slid in when the needle slid out. I looked in the handheld mirror and was really happy with what I saw! It looks gorgeous! She gave me care instructions and a few swabs in case it was to bleed. I asked her a few more questions, then paid the $30, tipped her $5 and was on my way.

I strongly recommend getting pierced by Kadesh at the Enchanted Dragon. She's really sweet and even gave me a $10 off card in case I wanted to try doing my Monroe again. All in all, it was a really great experience and if anyone is thinking about getting their nostril done...I say go for it. I can't take pain. I'm the biggest baby when it comes to needles, but the nostril piercing was nothing!

Just gotta be careful with it...don't get any lotions or makeup in it and be cautious not to snag it on anything! I just got this done an hour ago, but hopefully I don't get it caught on my clothes!

If anyone has any questions about nostril (or tongue or navel) piercings, just email me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Kadesh
Studio: Enchanted+Dragon
Location: St.Louis%2C+Missouri

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