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The girl with sinus problem gets her septum pierced

I have always love piercings, but when I got my first piercing when I was 19 and I have been truly in love with them since. They are truly a part of me...... The only regret I have that is waiting so long to get them.

I have been debating to get my septum piercing for six months. I have been debating if I wanted to get my septum or my Monroe. After much research on BMEzine and other sites, I decided that I wanted to get my septum. Septum piercing just seem more beautiful and plus I could hid it. I am studying to be a doctor and piercings for some ODD reason are look down upon (that is hold other argument)

I talked about it for several weeks after that. My friends told me that if i wanted to get to get it. Well, I really wanted it and I think by this time they were tired of hearing me talk about. I was somewhat scared of the pain, but my friend, Dustin, looked at me said, "Baby, you got your nipples pierced, and they are quite beautiful I might add; you really think that it going to hurt that bad." That was enough for me. Anyways, I was on Spring Break--My dumbass self decided to work 50 hrs instead having true fun with my awesome friends. On my only day off, I decided to get my septum pierced.

I gather my friends into my car and off to NOLA we go.....

We get to Crescent City Tats. I get soo nervous. I was so nervous that I could not park and actually passed up the shop several times. We go in and I was greeted and I told them that I wanted to get my septum piercing. We look at some of the beautiful art on the wall and before I know, they are calling JOHNNY 9 from the back of the shop.

He comes to greet me and I fill out the paper work. Filling out the paper work as always been haze because all of the damn things look the same. I finish it in no time flat. I put it on the counter and waited patiently. As I waited, I started to get really nervous. After a couple piercings ( ears, tongue, vertical labret, and nipples) I think this is the one piercing that I have real nervous feeling. Johnny 9 calls my back to the piercing room and I grab my friend, Nikki, by the arm and the fun begins...

He starts to clean my nose.. Yummy.. The smell was soo horrible.. It was an antiseptic smell mixed with the smell of Dial....Anyways.. He starts to feel around in my nose. He states that the piercing will be easy. He puts the clamps on----he ask if i was ready and say NOO... he pulled the clamps off.. I held Nikki's hand and took a deep breath. I say ok, and He put them back on and ask if i was ready.. I said fuck no, but he still continue. There it was. The needle. Sharp and Pointy and ready to get to go inside of me.

One......Two.... "FUCK"......

It was though. I stated "Fuck".. Not because of pain. Not because it hurts... I was said "fuck" because I was mad at myself for thinking it was going to hurt. To me, there was no pain at all. John told me to turn around to the mirror. There was a needle sticking in my nose. I laugh.. Then Nikki laugh and John smiled. He said that was for added effect. He put the jewelry though. I sat up for the piercing, but he made me lay down when he screw on the ball. It took him awhile. I was happy. He clean me up because it bleed quite badly. On the upside I did not tear up AT ALL.. I pay the man. I am so happy that I got it. We got back in the car and I stare at it, which was not the smartest idea because I was driving. After being narcissistic for a while, we went out to eat.

I have sinus problems that involved me cleaning my nose everyday and this did NOT interfered with it at all. I am also a mouth breather and my nose can be severely dried at time and this was not effected the piercing at all. I was blowing my nose by the next day with NO PROBLEMS. It has been a week and I have had no problems. It really doesn't have many crusties.....Aftercare, so easy... Cleaning it 3 times with dial. I have soak it couple time with some saline. So if you having sinus problems is the only reason keeping you from getting your septum. Stop being a dumbass and get it. It is so worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Cresent+City+Tattoo
Location: New+Orleans%2C+La

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