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Simple and painless.

In September of last year, my parents and I went to Niagara Falls for Labor Day Weekend. While up there, I saw many people who were most likely from India. And their nose piercings, part of Hindu Culture. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I had always liked septum piercings, but I was suddenly attracted to nostril piercings. So I decided to go out on a limb and ask my mom for one. After all, my older brother had gotten an eyebrow piercing when he was 16. So I asked. I reminded her that it's not a suggestive piercing [like a tongue ring or lip piercing], and she seemed to like that fact. After tons of begging, she finally responded with "Alright. For your 16th birthday."

Four days after my birthday, I had stayed at my friend's house. I woke up, nervous- already. My buddy, Kait had an eyebrow ring, and was ecstatic about watching me get pierced. And I was ecstatic about feeling it. That day, I walked into Steel Addictions Piercing Studio with my dad and my pal. I had done research on the internet, and references from other people, and this seemed to be the place to get an unnatural hole. I was nervous as HELL, had a horrible headache, and well... had to go "number two". But I wanted it done. They asked me what jewelry I wanted... Truthfully, I wanted a hoop. But I HAD to get a small stud because of my school [no visible piercings... psh.] But I bought a hoop along with the stud, just for later. And h20cean cleaning spray, amazing stuff.

I walked into the room so scared. And so sweaty. I took off my coat. He turned on some Radiohead. That calmed me down. He asked me which nostril. Left. I have a strange obsession with the left. He cleaned my nose and marked it. I looked in the mirror, and said the placing was fine [honestly, I didn't care where it was, as long as it was on my left nostril and happening in the next ten minutes.]. I sat back down and took my dad's hand. "Inhale. Exhale." He said. And I felt it go through. Did it hurt? Not really. It wasn't completely painless, but it wasn't something horrible, whatsoever. It hurt less than my earlobes did. My nose was burning, though. I thanked him a million times. Ran out into the cold November air and hopped in the car. Looked in the mirror, and discovered, I was in LOVE with it. I just wanted to go home and show my momma.

Sadly, November 27th, I had to go back to the studio. My nose ring had been discovered by a teacher and I was sent to the office. The principal told me I could take it out and go back to class... but that wasn't happening. My dad picked me up and I went home. I took a nap, and enjoyed the vacation from school. Woke up later, and went to Steel Addictions again. This time, I was getting a flesh-colored stud. It wasn't very cool... in fact, it looked like a pimple. But I had to make due. We waited for a while for the new piercer [Sean from Steel Addictions] to finish up a piercing he was doing. Now, changing the jewelry, hurt TONS more than the actual piercing. I do not recommend changing the jewelery only three days after, even if it's performed by a professional. My eyes were watering. And when I got into the car again, I started crying. It hurt so much, and I was so mad at the school for making me take out my new love. Not only that, I had to wait three months until it healed until I could EVER change the jewelry to something visible. Though I did try to change it on New Years, and formed a small red bump. I googled it, and from the results, I learned I should put some Tea Tree Oil on it. Luckily, my mom had an old Tea Tree Oil Face mask around, and I put it on, every night for three days. By the third night, the bump peeled right off. Other than that, I've had no cleaning problems. The stuff they gave me was very simple to use. You just spray it on twice a day, it's very refreshing. Not to mention, safe to get in your eyes or mouth.

Now my piercing is completely healed [I can change the Jewelry :D] and I love it. I recommend it for anyone. It's a simple, yet cool addition to my look, and I think it's beautiful. Though it's not the most controversial piercing, It makes me feel different, and I love to see old women gasp at it and shake their heads :) Next stop- tragus!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Ricky
Studio: Steel+Addictions
Location: Toledo%2C+Ohio

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