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Septum. 'The Perfect Piercing'

I had wanted to have my Septum pierced for quite some time before I actually went through with it. When I was 16 I rebelled and had my Monroe pierced, but my parents definitely weren't down with it, so it was removed only a day after I had gone and had it pierced. So, I obviously took the fact that my parents weren't too keen on facial piercings into consideration when I made this choice. The beauty of the Septum piercing is that it's easily concealed, that is probably one of my favorite aspects. I love the way that a small, dainty septum looks on girls, and since I could make it "disappear" at any point in time, I figured "Hey! Why shouldn't I just go for it?"
So I talked to several people before deciding that I would trek to Saratoga Springs, New York [which is about an hour and a half trip north from where I live] and have a friend, Chris Roberts [Needlewurks], pierce my Septum. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I found out that Chris was not prepared and didn't have the correct jewelry to pierce me with. He apologized and explained that since he had just finished touring he was still in the process of reordering stock that had been depleted and had been neglected to be refilled since he had been gone for almost two months. I was bummed out to say the least. I had spent the entire day preparing myself for the adrenaline that would hit me the minute I walked in the door. Not to mention the tank of gas it costed me by the time I returned home. Oh well, he explained that he could bring his tools and pierce me the next time he was in my area, but who knows when that would be and I just couldn't seem to wait any longer. I hung out at the shop for a while because my boyfriend and his friends had driven out from Oneonta so that he could get his feet tattooed (with the Hope Conspiracy crest, which turned out pretty great I might add). On the way home my friend Adam told me that he would go with me the following afternoon to a shop in Kingston so that I could finally get pierced. The next day I could hardly concentrate during my classes, but as soon as my Social Psychology class let out, I raced back into town to meet up with Adam and head over to The Body Shop. Adam called ahead of time and let the owner, Paul, know that I was desperate to get my septum done. He told Adam that he would cut me a deal because he had referred me, this made the whole experience even better! We arrived at the shop and Paul was tattooing a woman but told us to look in the case. The selection of septum jewelry was slim to none. Was I about to be disappointed again!? I was so frustrated at this point, but Adam reassured me that we could drive up the street to another shop (Metamorphosis) and see what their selection was like. We told Paul that we would be right back and headed out yet again in search of my new septum ring.
Metamorphosis had a MUCH better selection of jewelry, although they didn't have any septum retainers in a 16 gauge, I was slightly disappointed but settled on a 16g circular barbell. I held the little piece of metal in my hand, so stoked that this was FINALLY about to happen! We rushed out the door and back down to Paul's shop. Paul sterilized the jewelry and had me sit down. My heart was beating so fast, and I was squeezing Adams hand, but I was 100 percent ready. He joked a bit, and told me that if I cried he would kick me right out! I nervously laughed and waited for him to begin the process. He used clamps, and honestly this was probably the worst part. He squeezed my septum and found the spot that he wanted to pierce and pushed the needle right through. Quick and easy, except my eyes would not stop tearing (for which he started jokingly yelling that he had warned me not to cry!) He slide the jewelry through, and cleaned me up. It was over, months of contemplating, and 2 days of searching for the right jewelery had come to an end in a matter of minutes.
I rushed out of the shop after thanking him graciously for making my day (maybe even my month!) and headed to see a friend to show off my new piercing.
You'll remember how much I stressed that this was not something my parents would appreciate, and that's where the beauty of flipping my septum up came in? Well it just so happens that when I got to my job at the mall, and began showing the new piercing off to my co-workers, I decided I should try and flip it up. I washed my hands, and stood in front of the mirror only to find that, GASP, the ring was too tight to fit up past my septum. I frantically tried to push the ring back, but to no avail. A half an hour later, I finally gave up and called Paul explaining my issue. He had a good laugh and then told me to "come on back" and he would stretch the ring slightly so it fit. 20 minutes later I was all set, however, my septum seemed to be different from the other septum piercings I had seen on friends, etc. Paul instructed me to flip my FORWARD towards the tip of my nose, rather than BACK towards my face, so that the two balls on the end of the ring would sit inside the pockets of my nostrils. I didn't really think much of this at the time, in fact it seemed to hide my piercing even better than most peoples.
It's been about a month and a half since I had my septum pierced and it's healing nicely. I'm still nervous that he pierced it slightly lower than I would have liked, but it doesn't seem to be causing any problems yet. I'm excited to change my jewelry and I plan on stretching my 16g to a 14g.
As far as the healing process goes, I've been doing salt water soaks every day, and I just recently started using plain old dial (unscented, "gold") to wash after the salt. I also use a little bit of diluted lavender oil every other day after I get out of the shower.

It was a long process, but it was certainly worth it. I'm stoked on my new piercing and I'm looking forward to stretching it and changing jewelry. If you're debating whether or not to go through with a septum piercing I say "Go for it!" if it's something you really want, and would enjoy having and taking care of. It's the perfect piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: The+Body+Shop
Location: Kingston%2C+NY

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