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Nervous for NO Reason

To preface: I have eight ear piercings (although I don't wear all of hem anymore), my tongue pierced, and had my nipples pierced up until my pregnancy in 2005/2006. I have four tattoos (also c/o of Native Rituals--Virus is an incredible artist!) So while I don't consider myself a seasoned vet of body mods, I do have at least a little experience to go on.

Tonight I went to Native Rituals to get my nostril pierced after mulling it over for an embarrassingly long time. Honestly, I'd been contemplating this piercing off and on for over a year. I'd asked just about everyone with a nostril piercing if they thought I could handle it. Seriously. I was freaking out hard core, and have months of hemming and hawwing behind me. Another admission: I am both a huge baby and am a giant needle-phobe. I do not like the pain aspect of body mods AT ALL, and I had all but given myself an ulcer over getting my nostril pierced--despite reassurance from so many people that I would, in fact, survive. So all along, I'd been stressing and spazzing over how much a nostril piercing would hurt, and how unbearable the experience would be. I was utterly and completely wrong.

Upon entering Native Rituals, my friend (she was getting an industrial) and I were met by Johnny. He's both easy to talk to and incredibly professional. I went into his piercing room to select jewelry for my nostril, and he gave explicit directions and explanations about aftercare. After discussing all the sanitizing procedures in detail, along with his list of credentials and qualifications, we were ready to begin. Enter: nerves, panic, and a tiny feeling of dread. Oh, nerves. Oh, how sick I was starting to feel. Oh, how I was wondering if I should just bolt out the door. (Told you I was a big baby!) But wait...it gets better. A LOT better.

Johnny cleaned my nostril (I chose the left side) thoroughly, and discussed the procedure in detail. He placed a tiny dot on my nostril and had me check the placement (which I did, and naturally, it was perfect). At that point, he told me to lie down on the table and take some deep breaths to relax. Even though I felt like completely flipping out, I did try to relax and the breathing really helped. He placed the "catcher" tub in my nostril (so the needle doesn't go to far), and lined up the needle against the marked spot. Johnny said to take three deep breaths, and on the third exhale, the needle would go in. One breath. Two breaths. Three breaths.

And the exhale.

The needle went through and within seconds, the jewelry was in. I was done. And me--the biggest baby in the world--well, I was...fine. No, seriously. I was fine. It barely pinched, and my eyes didn't even water at all. I had completely psyched myself out for NOTHING. I couldn't believe it. I got up and checked it in the mirror, and my tiny stone was perfectly placed and looked AMAZING. Johnny then made a point of showing me that he was disposing of the needle he had used during my piercing (told you he was thorough!). While everyone's pain tolerance obviously differs, I would encourage anyone who wants a nostril piercing to get it done. It's barely a pinch! And it looks phenomenal if I do say so myself. :)

Johnny is an excellent piercer, and Native Rituals--both the piercing and tattoo sides--is incredibly clean and everything is sanitized to the max. Johnny was not only approachable and informative, but incredibly patient with people like me--those who come in as complete nervous wrecks with a million questions, talking a mile a minute. I honestly can't recommend him highly enough. Even if you're not in the immediate area, it's definitely worth the drive to Native Rituals to get pierced by Johnny. And if you're stressed about the pain--don't be! I spent almost two hours online (before I went to the shop tonight) looking for experience stories and each horror story and worst case scenario had me all unglued for nothing. It was a great experience and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Even now, a few hours later, it feels great. I can laugh, smile, flare my nostrils, even sneeze and I don't feel ANYTHING. I do, however, feel a little vain since I can't stop looking in the mirror. :) If you're considering it but worried about the pain, just do it! You'll be pleasantly surprised. And if you're within driving distance to Native Rituals, you have to get pierced by Johnny. You will NOT be disappointed by his work or the experience overall.

Native Rituals - 15120 S. Cicero Avenue - Oak Forest, IL 60452



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Johnny
Studio: Native+Rituals
Location: Oak+Forest%2C+IL

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