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My Spiffing Septum

I've grown up around people with body modifications, so it makes sense for me to be into them really. Both of my parents and my Grandfather on my Mum's side are heavily tattooed. In fact, one of my earliest memories is my Grandad drawing on my arm with felt-tip pens because I wanted to look like him. I was amazed that anyone could have these wonderful pictures on their skin forever. My Mum and Dad were both into piercings, and while my Mum only had her eyebrow and nose pierced, my Dad was quite heavily modded. I can't remember exactly how many piercings he had done when I was younger, as he took them all out apart from his ears when I was still fairly little. I kept pushing for my Mum to let me get my ears pierced when I was eleven, and she finally gave in when I was twelve. The only thing she asked was that I go to a professional piercing place and not some High Street shop that only uses guns.

At first the thought of getting a needle pushed through my skin made me feel slightly sick, but I recall being more and more excited as the time for me to get pierced got closer. Since I got my first ear piercings, I've been stretching them and adding to my collection of piercings.

Four more ear piercings, a nose piercing and a retired eyebrow piercing later, and I was stuck for ideas. My school is fairly strict and doesn't like any kind of facial piercing. You can just about get away with a nose piercing if you're lucky, but anything more and they'll ask you to remove it. You refuse and they suspend you for anything up to two weeks.

With my GCSE's coming up, I decided I could do without the added hassle of being suspended and so decided to lay off stretching and piercing for a little while. That was until I discovered BME and the few piercings you could get without anyone ever knowing about them. At first, a smiley piercing seemed like a fantastic idea and I even went into a couple of places to ask the usual questions people tend to ask when they're planning a new piercing.

I eventually, after a month or so of researching it, that it wasn't the mod for me. I'm far too self-conscious about my wonky teeth to get a piercing that would draw attention to them. I needed something I could hide and genital/nipple piercings just weren't going to happen as I'm only 16. It was only then that my septum crossed my mind. I knew a couple of people who had them and who flipped them up for school without any hassle at all.

I did my research and while there were a few horror stories, most of the stories on BME and in other places were good. I did more research on piercing places and found out from a few people that the couple of tattoo parlours that do piercings in my city either have a bad reputation or wouldn't pierce me as I'm under 18. I found out about a place in Birmingham called Modern Body Art. I searched in a few places and spoke to a few people and heard only good things about it.

Me and my friend went over there a couple of days ago to book me in for the piercing and to have a look around. When we got there, the place was empty. We presumed that everyone was in the back or on a break, so we headed over to the newsagents across the road and got a bite to eat before going back over there. When we had finished eating, there was someone in the shop.

First impressions are everything, so they say, and I have to say that Modern Body Art made an absolutely amazing one. The woman behind the counter, (Rosie, I believe,) was very helpful and told me to come back on Saturday at 3pm. I left there feeling pretty happy with myself and then proceeded to go shopping with my friend.

By the time Saturday came around, (today,) I was feeling pretty nervous. I'd had loads of comments from people I know, including, 'Oh my God, what?', 'You'll look like a bull.' and 'Ewwwww.' However, I managed to get two of my non-grossed out friends to come with me for moral support. One of them said she would come but wouldn't actually want to see me get it done, as she's terrified of needles. The other one, however, had no problems with coming in with me, which I was thankful for.

Saturday afternoon rolled around fairly fast and me and my two friends got on the train to Birmingham at around noon. The train ride was uneventful, even if we did get a short and sharp shock when we got off the train right into extremely heavy rain. I went and got two cans of Relentless, (an energy drink,) and a sandwich before heading across the city, doing a little bit of window shopping along the way.

Half past two came around quickly and seeing as we had nothing else to do, I suggested that we headed to Modern Body Art and killed some time by either looking at jewellery or looking at tattoo flash as I wholeheartedly didn't think they'd be able to fit me in before three. When we got there, a couple of people were talking to various others about tattoos so we did the polite thing and just had a nosy around the shop for a while.

After a while I decided to suck it up and ask Rosie, who had just finished discussing a tattoo design with someone, about getting it done a little earlier. She said it was fine and took a look at my ID before giving me the consent for to fill in. I filled it in slowly as my handwriting is usually illegible when done quickly. I handed the form back to Rosie and she told me to wait while she autoclaved everything.

A few minutes later and she called me and my friend through to the piercing room behind the tattoo area. The whole place was spotless as far as I could see and it certainly smelt clean. Rosie told me to hop up onto the bed so she could have a feel around for my 'sweet spot'.

A few minutes later and a couple of exchanged glances between me and my friend who was standing across the room and Rosie informed me that my septum leans slightly to the left and that I have a small nose, so it might me a little harder to pierce but it definitely wasn't impossible.

I remember somewhere between then and getting pierced apologising for my cigarette breath, which lead onto a conversation about most piercers having smelt a lot worse than that. Rosie changed her gloves and got the clamps out of their packaging. She then had a feel around with those for a few minutes to get them in the right place. I mentioned wanting anaesthetic, (because I'm a wimp,) and Rosie said it was no problem before giving me some tissue wetted with the foul smelling stuff.

I held it against my nose until I was told to remove it and she replaced the clamps, fiddled with them a bit more and then picked up the needle. She told me she'd warn me when she was about to do it, in response to which I grunted. I held onto the edge of the table, expecting it to really hurt terribly, but before I knew it the needle was halfway through my nose. Rosie explained that she needed to take it slowly because I have a small nose and she might end up hitting the other side of my nose if she wasn't taking it slowly.

I felt it go through, every tiny little movement seemed amplified by the fact my nose was numbed. I can honestly say I didn't feel any pain at all, but I think that's mostly down to the anaesthetic and having a good piercer. Rosie told me she was going to cut the plastic tubing and I finally opened my eyes which had been glued shut since the clamps were tightened. Rosie showed me the placement of the piercing with the plastic tubing still in, and my friend found it amusing as she said I looked like someone out of a Maori tribe or something.

Rosie told me she was about to put the jewellery in. I'm pretty sure she changed he gloves again but I didn't want to move my head as I felt slightly faint. Before I knew it, the jewellery was in. I have to admit that having the jewellery put in was the worst part of the whole experience. I'd had it done with a retainer, so whether it was because of the squared corners I'll never really know.

I got up off the bed feeling a lot better than I had before the jewellery had been put in. Rosie asked if I felt faint, to which I replied no as I'd calmed down a lot. She asked if I wanted the jewellery flipped up before proceeding to show me how to do it.

She gave me the aftercare sheet when we back out to the front of the shop and I paid my £25. I would have tipped her had I not spent my other £5 on energy drinks! I walked out of there very very happy, both with the cleanliness, my piercing and the attitude of the staff in there.

I'd definitely go back there again to get piercings and possibly tattoos when I hit 18. I'd recommend them to anyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rosie
Studio: Modern+Body+Art
Location: Birmingham%2C+England%2C+UK

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