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My Septum=My Favorite Piercing

It was a cold and wintry day when I decided that I wanted to get my septum pierced. The snow was falling hard the day before, the roads were slick with ice, and I briefly thought about not going because of the condition of the roads but decided to do it anyway. I realized that if I did not do it then, I would never do it. I had been doing research on septum piercings for a while, and decided it was time. I knew what I was getting myself into, the risks, and everything else I would need to know. I had read conflicting things about septum piercings, about the pain level, and healing, which made me nervous. I was also concerned that I would look weird with a septum ring. The place that I go to get piercings and tattoos is a five minute drive from my boyfriend's house, which was where I was when I decided that it was time. I have had many piercings done before this, yet every time I get any new modification I get extremely nervous.

Deciding to brave the icy and snowy roads, I grabbed my Drivers License and my boyfriend and we left the house. I got into my boyfriend's car, butterflies swirling around my stomach, my heart racing, and insanely nervous. My boyfriend drove to the Piercing Studio five minutes up the road, and it felt like the longest car ride of my life! As we got closer to the studio, the butterflies in my stomach grew wilder, my head spun more, and my heart beat faster. We pulled into the parking lot outside of the studio; I closed my eyes and made sure it was something I really wanted to do. Strangely enough, as soon as I stepped foot into the studio, my nervousness subsided. I relaxed in the big comfortable couch as I waited for my piercer to get ready, filled out the required paperwork, and paid the fifty dollars. I sat next to my boyfriend as he looked through the artists portfolios on the table, and pointed out things that he liked. I tried to relax and imagine myself with a cool new septum ring. It was then that I realized in another part of studio, some really loud, obnoxious, annoying girl with about five friends was getting tattooed. I tried my hardest to just ignore them, and focus on my new piercing about to happen, how it would feel and how it would look.

Then it was time. My heart started to race again, as I walked to the chair and sat down. The piercer cleaned the inside of my nose with a cleanser. Then the piercer peeled the clamp out of the sterile pouch, and positioned it in my nose, towards the tip, away from the thicker part of cartilage in the middle. He then checked to make sure it was straight and in the right spot. He then made the clamp tight, and asked if I was ready. The clamp hurt really badly, because it was squeezing the sensitive skin inside of my nose. He then told me to take a deep breath. As I breathed deeply in anticipation, I shut my eyes tight, and waited for the needle to slide through my septum. I grabbed my boyfriends hand tight, and got ready for what was about to happen. I expected excruciating pain, but it was not bad at all. The needle slid through easily with little pain, and my eyes watered a little bit, which is normal. The piercer then slid the jewelry into the hole, which stung a little bit, as it always does. I then opened my eyes, and blinked them a few times because of the tears, and released my boyfriend's hand. He put the end on the jewelry, straightened it, cleaned it up again, and let me look in the mirror. He then taught me how to flip it up and down for work. He then told me how to clean it, and to do salt soaks on it. I climbed out of the chair and looked at my septum ring. The positioning was straight, and it was just a little bit sore. I gave my piercer a tip, and thanked him for doing such an awesome job. Then reality hit, and I remembered the loud obnoxious people getting tattooed. One of the friends loudly proclaimed that I looked like I was about to cry, and I thought in my head that she had obviously never had any sort of nose piercing.

It looked fantastic and was a great experience! It took a little bit of getting used to, but not as much as some piercings. I accidentally bumped it a few times, got it caught on shirts, got crusty stuff in it, and hit it in my sleep, which hurt badly until I got used to it. It also felt weird, the first few times I had to flip it up for work. I could feel it inside my nose, but after a while I got used to it. Now I am so comfortable with it, I forget to flip it up for work, and accidentally scare old ladies, which is always interesting. After it was finished healing, it was great. My septum piercing is my favorite piercing out of all twenty piercings I have.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Pete+Patrick
Studio: Holdfast
Location: South+Jersey

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