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My exciting septum

So yeah, I think it was pretty exciting...

In November of last year, I decided it was time I had the septum piercing I'd been going on about for a while, and I started thinking about where I could go and have it done. I'd gone to a couple of other piercing places to ask about it before, but the first place had no resident piercer at that time and it was just the tattooist doing the piercings, so I thought I would wait and try and find a place that had a dedicated piercing artist. I kind of forgot about having it done for a while, but I was chatting to someone I share my studio space with at uni (I am a fine art student), and she had just had her tongue pierced. I remembered about my planned septum, so I asked her where she went to have it done. She told me that she had gone to Pierced 'n' Proud, and it was a really good place, real professional, so I thought I'd go and check it out some day.

I went out to Burger King with a mate, and while we were there I decided that today was the day to go get pierced. So I had my burger or whatever it was, and we walked to the shop. I went to get some chewing gum on the way, so that I didn't breathe pickle breath all over the piercer dude. It was kind of dark at this point and I hoped the shop would still be open, as it was already after 5. We went in, and I could hear someone being tattooed so I figured they would stay open long enough to stab me. Me and my friend talked to the piercer guy for a bit, he seemed friendly and enthusiastic about his work, we chatted for a bit about various piercing related stuffs, like when he did a nasallang and how some girl's ear went all messed up because someone had used a gun to pierce the cartilage – bad idea! (note: I'm pretty sure you can't use guns for any piercings now, not even lobes) So I filled in some forms saying how I was over 18 and how I wouldn't sue them if it got infected and so on.  

Finally we were all set and I felt the adrenaline kick in as I walked through the shop into the back where the piercing was done, past the guy who getting tattooed, I didn't look too closely out of politeness but it looked like he was in a lot of pain! I sat on a little bed thing which was covered with a paper sheet, the shop smelled like antibacterial stuff and looked totally clean, as it should. He told me all about using the autoclave to clean stuff and showed me this other cleaning thing, I can't remember what it was called, possibly as electrolyser or something, but if you were to put your finger in it would get all fucked up and cause a blood clot which could travel to your brain, so I stayed well away from that, heh.

The piercer put on latex gloves and had the cleaned clamps and the curved bar for my nose all ready, and showed me the fresh wrapped needle he would use (they have to do this, by the way) so I knew it was definitely sterile. He said the clamps would be very uncomfortable, which I kind of expected, and my friend prepared her camera (yes, she filmed it – perhaps we should be able to post videos on BME?). The piercer (I think he was called Dave...I can't remember for sure) sat in front of me and clamped my septum – I was really glad I remembered the gum at this point as he was really close to my face. He pulled forwards with the clamps so my septum was kind of out of my nose, this really hurt, I'm no macho hardass, I'm not gonna lie, it killed! I made a sort of "nwrr" noise; Dave laughed and said "yeah, told you this would be uncomfortable!" He pushed the needle through and compared to the clamps, that was actually a relief, it didn't hurt that badly at all. It made a kind of gross squeaking noise as he did it, I don't know if that was the gloves but it was probably my nose, it felt like it...he took the clamps off and I sat there for a second while he got some tissues and wiped my face, it made my eyes water a lot. He took out the needle and then put the bar through, and held the threaded end with these flat scissor things, then screwed the ball onto it. This took just over a minute and was really fiddly, but it was not too uncomfortable. It had bled just a little and he used an antiseptic wipe to clean the blood off and clean inside my nose. I was all done then and went back through the shop and he told me how to take care of it and I paid, it was a not-unreasonable £25. He gave me a little bag of sea salt for cleaning it with, telling me not to use anything else to clean it with unless it got infected, then I should use tea tree oil as well as the sea salt solution. I said thank you and then we left the shop. Then I noticed that he had not cleaned my nose before doing the piercing, this had always been done for my other piercings, so I thought this was a little odd. I thought perhaps it was different from the others as it was actually inside my nose. It felt sensitive at this point, partly because I had walked home in the cold. I got home and showed my housemates, not that there was much to show as the bar and balls were mostly inside my nose. I cleaned it that night by soaking it in a cup of sea salt.

I was slightly worried about how it had not been cleaned before the piercing was done. I searched for more stories on BME and about half the ones I read didn't mention cleaning it first at all. I continued cleaning it with sea salt and within 2 months it had healed, I have had no problems with it at all. I changed the bar to a circular bar (horseshoe shaped) in January, this actually feels more comfortable than the bar I had in originally. It sometimes feels really cold on my lip when I first wake up, which is a really weird feeling, but other than that it's totally fine. If anyone is thinking about getting this piercing, I would say go for it, I love mine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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