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In memory of...

I woke up today and thought, this was the time for it. This was me prepared and wanting this.

I had been gearing myself up for this piercing for a long time, reading BME articles, experiences and asking my piercer, but today was the day for my septum to be pierced. My horoscope for today said I was going to need to change my life's blueprint and do something different; well this was my chance to act apon what the stars were telling me to do...

I had arranged to meet my friend at the piercing parlour so I knew I couldn't back out, just in case I had any last minute nerves!! And thankfully I didn't, which quite surprised me because I was so worried about getting a new piercing.

I knew I had always liked septum piercings, but being in Wuppertal around the young alternative clubbers area really inspired me even more to get my septum pierced due to the sheer number and sizes of the bars and rings in them. So, I acted upon that feeling and want for another piercing and went ahead and got it!!

I walked into the reception bit a lot earlier than my friend and looked at plugs and tunnels for my ear (agro with the school about tapers being a health and safety hazard which is finally going to be sorted) and just generally familiarized myself with the place when I heard my piercers voice. Yay!

Thank god for him being so cool and being able to calm even the most nervous person down and get them totally relaxed for a needle and then jewellery being inserted into a body part. So after talking to John (the piercer)about random things and the BME April fools joke leaving all the rest of the reception staff completely baffled and waiting for my friend to arrive, I was totally sure I was making the right decision about this piercing.

I think I really wanted this piercing at this time because for me, this piercing is almost like a public mourning (although you can't really see it because it's flipped up) to my Great Aunt who died just yesterday. I know she wouldn't approve of it.

But for me the pain of being pierced, I think, is almost like a way of me showing that I can take pain and work through it and turn it into something positive i.e. the end, in this case a finished result of a beautiful pierced septum in my nose. It also, for me looks and appeals and I want to be happy being in my own skin for a while. Therefore, why not make myself, myself??

Anyway, by the time my mate finally arrived (please never rely on someone who is taking the bus to get to you! The busses always tend to be late especially when you want someone to be there for an important thing or there for moral support), John jumped into action and took me and my friend downstairs to the piercing room. He got everything arranged in front of our eyes, and that was great to see especially since I'm quite a worrier about infections, although I had been to John before to get my nostril pierced, so knew vaguely what was going to happen.

So after checking the size of my septum and asking if I have had my nose broken, I'm born with a randomed shaped septum (it leans slightly to the right) so the jewellery needed to be fitted to my septum, John then got the clamp out of the packaging and prepared me for my piercing.

I thought the actual piercing was going to be sore, but even after holding my mates hand and not managing to wreck her hand, the needle went into my septum and John left it there for a while. I have to say that was pretty weird to see this long sharp thing sticking out of my nostrils but that's all part of the fun I guess.

The change to jewellery was quick as usual, and I felt no pain. This piercing although it's flipped up has given me hardly any grief, so far (which is 21 hours later). I was also warned about feeling some pain "like being punched in the face" but actually I haven't felt anything, so that's positive.

I'd recommend a septum piercing to anyone and it's actually less painful than a nostril piercing. I can't wait to get it healed, time and patience will be on my side, well, I'm hoping anyway!!

But, please do beware; if you are shopping afterwards the piercing has been done, try not to be to rough when trying on t-shirts and non zip-able pullovers. The pain and a bit of eye watering-ness I went through was not worth it, so watch out for that, and because my septum is small, it's very well hidden so don't opt for this piercing if you want a statement to be made...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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