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Got my nostril pierced in Amsterdam

The story starts during my journey to Amsterdam...

I have always been interested in body modification since I was a small girl, it has just always fascinated me, I begged my Mum from about the age of four to be allowed to get my ears pierced, she finally gave in when I was 11. I now have 4 standard lobes, 1 0 gauge lobe, 1 tragus, 1 upper ear cartilage (have had so many that have been retired!) 2 retired navel piercings, nostril, 2 tattoos and plans on an industrial and nipples.

Ok so fast forward to Easter weekend when myself, boyfriend and big group of friends went to Amsterdam. I was in the knowledge that my friend (who is 51) had his nipple pierced there at a place called Mr B's and was going to be having it stretched while we were there, which got me to thinking about my next piercing....

On the first morning after a night which is considered to be fairly illegal in England, I decided it was time, and having consulted the opinions of everyone in the room it was decided that it was time for my first facial piercing.

Off we went for breakfast and then for a wander around the shops, I passed Mr B's and it was closed however a shop almost next door was open, called Bodycult, I went inside to inspect for professionalism and cleanliness and found a shop that had much higher levels of those things than any shop I have ever been into in Leicester. I was very impressed. I then enquired about prices and jewellery for the nostril piercing, it was to cost me 45 Euros and they had some lovely small screws in. I chose a screw as I do like the look of rings, but I was going home in 3 days and thought my dad may actually not kill me over a small stud rather than a ring, and I quite like the subtlety.

So I filled in the paperwork and Artur took me into the piercing room and I sat on the doctor's bed-type- thing. I was not nervous at all because I was so excited to have the piercing, although two of my friends who had it found it absolutely excruciating! We talked about my other piercings and discussed which side I would have it, I chose the right side, I don't know why, but I'm really pleased I did.

Next thing was Artur marked the placement and I asked for it to be quite high in the crease, it looked good to both of us so we went ahead. He clamped my nose, which felt unusual because I have always had freehand piericngs in the past, and then I close my eyes and he inserted the needle, it felt like an intense pressure but was not painful, I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror at the needle through my nostril, I laughed and Artur asked if he should just leave it like that, and I said yes, its really nice to have a piercer who you can have a laugh with, all the ones I have had in the past have tended to treat me purely as a client to get money out of, not to mention they think I know nothing about piercings, and haven't researched, which I find annoying. Anyway I tried to watch him insert the screw and then that was it! Chatted for a few minutes then I left.

At this point I would very much like to recommend bodycult, they have three shops, 2 in Amsterdam and 1 in La Hague. My experience was that they were very knowledgeable, approachable, hygienic and genuinely nice people.

When I left the shop it was quite cold, but my nose didn't really sting as such and I went straight to the pharmacy where I bought a mild antibacterial soap, a Dutch brand called SebaMed. It seems to have worked really well; I have used it once or twice a day and have experienced no problems at all two weeks on. I have never even experienced any crust on the exit holes! Although I have been very careful not to knock it, touch it if my hand are not washed and not even to kiss too vigorously!

The only problem I have encountered is that I have very dry skin so the antibacterial soap does tend to dry the surrounding nostril making it look really flaky and unattractive, so a few days ago when I was sure not to be irritating the actual piercing I started to put some light moisturiser onto an ear bud (which is what I use to clean it) and to rub moisturiser into the surrounding area.

I feel it is important to be really careful with moisturisers and make u in the surrounding area, even things which aren't obvious, like when eye shadow falls on your face because it's really a bad idea to get stuff in there so I have stopped wearing foundation for a while.

All in all this has been my most enjoyable piercing so far, because it didn't hurt me, I have had no problems with it as yet and it's a really beautiful way to enhance your face. My boyfriend and all my friends think it suits me, my Mum thinks it looks ok and my Dad can't understand why I would want so many, but seems to think its ok, as there have been no arguments, but he can't just say it looks nice obviously!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Artur
Studio: Bodycult
Location: Amsterdam

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