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DIY septum piercing.

Alright. So I'm currently seventeen. I've had an interest in piercings and tattoos for as long as I can remember. Right now I've got six piercings. I have my septum of course, and three 14 gauge rings on my cartilage. I've also got my ear lobes pierced. They were one gauged to 5/8, which I hope to have once again, only larger than before. Now for my adventure in DIY septum piercing.

It wasn't until after my seventeenth birthday that I decided I'd give myself my own present. I wasn't old enough to get a piercing professionally, and my mother definitely wouldn't approve of anything besides my ears, so I took it upon myself to pierce my septum.

Before I even attempted to touch my septum I looked on the web to find as much information as possible. Through doing this, I learned exactly where and how to go about piercing my own septum. I went to my local "crazy" store, Cool Arrows, and bought a fourteen gauge piercing needle with a sharp lip at the end. They had much larger sizes, but I had already decided on 14.

I knew I was going to have to hide my piercing. This didn't seem like a problem until it came to finding a retainer. I searched about 4 different stores with no success. Finally I found the perfect retainer at my local Hot Topic store. It was a black, niobium 14 gauge retainer, with a slight curve towards the ends. Unlike clear or silver retainers, the black could be very easily hidden, and wasn't subject to glare.

It took me two tries to actually get my septum pierced right. My first try was at a friend's house on the night of a scary kids scaring kids concert. [Just though I'd add that]

After successfully getting the 14 gauge piercing needle through, I guess my nerves got to me. I felt extremely hot and very nauseous. So my first response was to pull the needle out. [Dumb, I know]. This isn't a typical reaction to septum piercing, so I'm sure it was just my nerves.

It wasn't until about two weeks later that I gave it another. This time I was alone, and in front of my bathroom mirror. I got the needle through smoothly, and felt completely fine this time around. I followed through with my cleaned and ready retainer. I was surprised at how smoothly the entire process went. I can honestly say that it didn't hurt as bad as people say. After the slight pinch and a little shakiness, I was perfectly fine. After a little admiration of my work, I flipped the retainer up and cleaned up the little mess I made.

It only took about two weeks for my nose to heal. Although it was a little tender to the touch, I didn't have any real pain from the experience. I cleaned it with alcohol and rinsed it out in the shower. It really wasn't too hard to take car of. I started changing my jewelry out after about a week. At first I wore a large green ring, but I later down-sized to a silver one that was much smaller in roundness. I did have a 12 gauge in it for a while, but decided to go back down to 14. [I really didn't like how it looked] Every now and then a friend will find it amusing to hit my nose with a pillow, hand, stuffed animal, etc. Of course it hurts at the time, but the pain is minimal. 8]

I've had it in for about six months now. It's strange to know it's there, just because I can't really feel it. I wear rings occasionally, but mostly just retainers. None of my family members have any idea that I have it pierced, which is perfect. Overall I'd definitely recommend septum piercing. Not only is it easy to do, but it is very easy to hide as well. I don't regret doing it myself, only because I did my research before! I completely recommend getting it professionally done though. You never know what can go wrong when doing amateur piercing. Not only is the environment cleaner and safer, you're really in good hands. If it hadn't been for my, well, age issue, I wouldn't have done it myself.

I think my next adventure will be my tongue webbing. Obviously, I am still challenged by my age. Although I'm a little more nervous about this one, it seems I'll be doing yet another piercing on myself. I predict I'll have it done within the next two weeks. While I'm excited, I've always got that fear of my family finding out about it. Well that's about all I've got to say. Wish me luck! And good luck with your piercing, whether it be professional or amateur. 8]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nose Piercing

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