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Too soft for a septum piercing?

I've always loved facial piercing's since I was young; I think they look amazing on the right person. But I was far too soft to go there my self and have the biggest fear of needles. So if you'd have told me 5/6 years ago I'd have a nice collection of piercing's, including my septum, I would've thought you were mad.

I had my ear lobes done at a young age, but at 15 I finally decided on a nostril piercing (the left side) and to make sure I didn't change my mind, my friend dragged me into the hair salon were I paid just £4 to have it pierced with a gun. I would not recommend it.

That didn't last long though, my high school was strictly anti piercing & after having various nose stud confiscated, the piercing healed over.

A few years later I plucked up the courage to have my navel pierced, & loved it. I bought myself a vairety of different bars & loved changing them.

After that, piercing's where addictive. First off, I had my nostril done again, but on the right. & a month later, the right side of my lip. After that it was almost a year before I had any other piercing's, though I did stretch my ears up to 10 mm, vowing years before that it looked like the most painful thing in the world and I'd never do it myself. And, in November just gone I had the other side of my lip done as I didn't like not being even.

& I though, for now at least, that was it. The only other piercing I really wanted, apart from my septum, but as I mentioned before, I was far too soft for that. was my tongue, and my mother was dead against that, Often repeating she'd kick me out if I ever came home with it done.

After debating it for a few weeks I spoke to my friend who had hers done & she assured me it didn't hurt as much as you'd expect it too.

So a few nights later I found myself browsing this very website, wondering if it would suit me & if I would be able to do it.

After reading a number of experances & seeing that it mainly just seemed to 'sting & make eyes water' not the extreme pain I'd imagined. I decided that it was going to have to be that next day. so ringing my best friend I demanded she meet me after work & come with me to make sure I went through with it, & told a couple of other people I was planning on having it done the next day, that way I felt I couldn't back out.

Waking early the next morning I got ready & headed to work a little too early. So I walked to the piercing parlour just down the street were I was planning to have my piercing done that afternoon, & booked myself in. "Are you sure?" I was asked various times "you know its one of the most painful piercing's you can have done, so I heard" was also repeated by a friend of mine, who worked in the clothing shop that the piercers was located in, the way she had looked at me when I first mentioned I wanted it done, I think she thought I was crazy the way she looked at me.

I headed to work after that, the three hour shift seemed to drag on for so long. But eventually it turned 3 o'clock & I headed out too meet my friend & have something to eat, having booked myself in for half past 3.

Having decided to definatly go ahead with the piercing & getting it done, in such I short space of time, I had completely forgotten to warn my mother, And as we walked to the piercers for my appointment, I debated ringing or texting her & quickly mentioning I would becoming home with a new 'nose' piercing that evening. But quickly changed my mind, knowing that she'd probably freak & Headed into the shop 10 minutes before I was due.

The nerves had hit now, & I filled in the consent forms, silently debating weather I was doing the right thing, but I knew that was just nerves & I'd regret it big style if I backed out now.

I decided on a 1.2mm horseshoe for my piercing, debated on a black one, but decided on silver for now, I could always change it later.

I left my bag with my friend and followed donna, the piercer, through into the piercing room were she asked me to sit on the edge of the bed and pulling on a pair of gloves grabbed the clamps & a pen to mark out the best place for the piercing. As she was doing this I debated asking her if she'd ever pierced a septum before. knowing she was quite new to the piercing thing, not being much older than myself, & 3 months before when I had my lip pierced in the same shop, It had been done by a guy named jason, who until recently, had been the main piercer. I decided not to open my mouth, as her answer might have made the experiance even more nerve racking. She took a needle out of its packaging and told me to close my eyes.

She asked if I was ready and I took a deep breath as I felt her push the needle through, it stung quite a bit, just as the stories I'd read the night before had told me. after that she asked me to breathe in & then out as she swapped the needle for the jewellrey & screwed on the ball, then told me I could open my eyes, when I did my right eye was watering quite a bit.

She asked if I was alright as I looked a bit pale, but I felt great, it hadn't hurt half as much as I expected, there was no blood & I was really proud of myself for going through with it. I admired it in the mirror & then donna asked if she could take a picture as it was the first time she'd ever pierced a septum I nodded & laughed mentioning that I was going to ask her that earlier but thought it better not too.

I ran out into the front to show it off to my friend & the others that worked there, really excited about it, like a 5 year old at christmas. I wanted to show it off to everyone & after paying for it & thanking donna, I pretty much ran back up the street to show it off at work.

It was only once I got outside my front door & went to put the key in the lock I remembered my mum didn't have a clue about the newest piece of metal in my face. after hiding in my room for an hour I crept downstairs to the kitchen were she was preparing dinner, sharp knife in hand and I almost turned straight back around without saying a word.

"mum, your going to hate me" I started. not looking up she tutted "your not back with jamie (my ex boyfriend) are you?" Where she got that idea from I have no idea, but then she looked up and her face dropped and I tuned out as she gave me the usual "why do you insist on ruining your pretty face with stupid pieces of metal" Lecture.

That was two days ago, so far I've had the wierdest looks off some people on the street and been asked by others far too many times to count if it hurt and why I did it. My mum seems to have gotten over it, though every time she sees me playing with it, or admiring it in a mirror, she just tuts. But personally I love it, I can't wait till it's healed a bit better as I really want to change the balls to match my snakebites (which have little diamonds in). All in all I think it looks amazing & its definatly my favorite piercing so far.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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