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The non anniversary septum

So to explain the title of this experience as it probably sounds a bit strange.It's the 12th of march 2008 and what would have been my 3rd wedding anniversary the first one since we got divorced. I had been thinking for a long time I needed something to mark the occasion to make the day symbolize something more then the day I entered into what was a doomed marriage. Like a hell of a lot of people that are one here I never liked septum piercings especially on women so it had never been a thought to cross my mind until I met up with an old friend and she had one it looked so nice on her and we both look quite similar so much so that we are known as the evil twins.From then on there was one thought on my mind I want one of those.

I talk to my new partner about it he is so easy going and encourages me to do what I want he says go for it and I have never been happier. Its so rare to find someone like that and I'm so glad i have. I talk to my mum and dad ok so I'm 25 but they are still a bit strict over thing like this even though I don't live under there roof any more. comes with being an only child I guess. I explain to mum that I can flip it up and she chills out somewhat which I'm so glad about. So that was it now to have it done.

Access all areas is a lovely studio in Nottingham and since previously having my lip done there I would not ever think of going to any other studio. The staff are friendly and the place is spotless the reception is welcoming all in all perfect. After filling in the forms and picking out jewelry (a cute little 1.6 ml horseshoe I'm not sure what the gage is on that one well i am blond) its time and I'm led up to the studio my boyfriend behind to hold my hand if needed.

He explains all that is going to happen so well and we all share a bit of friendly banter that instantly puts me at ease. I watch at he sets up the equipment and then he proceeds to prod around for the sweet spot and then marks it up. He cleans my nose which I must say i expected to smell bad after reading up on here but it really didn't that was a pleasant and welcome surprise. He asks me to lay down and I do and close my eyes I always do for some reason i find this quite relaxing. I'm ready hear goes I'm told I will feel something sharp and he starts to put it though. The next thing I know my boyfriend is saying all done and I feel no pain and am instantly on a high. The ring is put in and still no pain another pleasant surprise. After paying and walking out the adrenalin is rushing round my body and its an amazing feeling.

I would recommend access all areas to any one it the Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire area its well worth the trip.Like my boyfriend said on the way i would rather pay car parking and petrol and know then you get the job done well then go to the less then sub standard studio.

Its now been 5 days and every time I look at my new piercing I love it more every time. Aftercare is easy I like to have a shower to loosen up anything round the ring and then I clean it with salt solution. I can already tell that its going to heal quite quick and i love it so much.

I'm going to change the balls to spikes and the one on my lip bar to match when i go gigging and stuff. I haven't flipped it up yet and needless to say my mum does not approve but i think she will get used to it she did with my lip ring under protest. My dad made a joke that I looked like a hand grenade I just laughed it off I know what hes like. My boyfriend loves it and says he now couldn't imagine me with out it .My little boy is fascinated by it I'm just glad he hasn't tried to grab it yet. Ah well theres plenty of time for that. We nearly had a mishap with the cat he leaned over and bit it that hurt more then the piercing but hay no permanent damage was sustained so it was all good.

To anyone reading this if its a piercing that your considering just do it I have no regrets and I know if I had of backed out I would have had a hell of a lot. Happy piercing to all :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Location: Nottingham

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