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The Most Hideable Piercing Above the Belt

I had been thinking about getting this piercing for at least two years, now that I have it I am glad I waited so long and had other piercings done first.

A little about me and my previous experiences; badly done cartilage orbital that I spent a year painfully healing, though no infections occurred thanks to diligent care on my own part. 0g lobes, forward or anti-helix, tragus. All before the septum, all healed with salt soaks and Dr. Bronner's baby soap.

EdD (APP member) did my tragus after I moved to Pasadena and had walked into every other shop and either a) was ignored until I made enough ruckus to make someone notice that a customer had come through the door or b) realized that the piercer wasn't an APP member.

When I walked into the shop the shop assistant welcomed me and I asked for EdD who magically appeared and began to ask questions that pertained to how I wanted to wear it, when I would need to be able to hide it etc. When he ascertained that I would need to hide it he got out the little tray of circular barbells and began visually sizing my septum and asking which gauge I would want this. Once the jewelry was agreed upon he had me initial a steri-strip that would go into the autoclave with the jewelry and certify that the jewelry was sterile. For the next few minutes we walked through general care of this piercing then he explained how he was going to mark for it.

While EdD didn't tell me every little thing he was doing [as you can tell I have been through the whole thing before enough times to know what its gonna feel like) he did inform me of where this piercing was actually pierced through and of how much it may hurt.

I will describe it for you guys in extreme detail: first he cleaned my nose with a surgical scrub that burned the hell out of my nose, but then again thats how you know its clean. He then pumped a little surgical ink into a disposable plastic cup and used a tooth pick to dot the ink into my septum between the floating cartilage and actual bone, where there is this little wedge of just skin. He then put a little kine on the outer septum to mark how far forward in the nostril the piercing would be placed. If you think of those mark as cross-hairs it helps to understand why it is done this way.

After checking that the piercing would be far enough forward to be able to flip up inside of my nose with a circular barbell we proceeded with the piercing.

EdD then pulled all of the equipment either directly from the autoclave [the jewelry and needle] or from previously autoclaved sterile pouches. He lined up the needle and receiving tube with the mark on the inside of my nose and the line on the outside of my septum and counted down from three for me to breath out and release the pain when he pierced through. I had barely noticed it, being thinner than an ear lobe really makes a difference. I only bled a drop that pretty much stayed inside of my nostrils and clung to the bar that I cleaned off a few hours later after soaking it in salt solution.

Once the jewelry was in EdD taught me how to put the barbell up inside my nose using my pinkies then how to bring it back down because he didn't want me to walk out of there and get it stuck inside my nose later on.

It is now one month later and I haven't had any problems other than mashing my nose into someone's shoulder when getting hugged. I soak it in sea salt every day, twice a day, then I also use a neti-pot to remove pollen and dust from my nostrils to help relieve my allergies which I am sure helps as well, and I recommend getting one.

I did try washing it with soap once (Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Soap) but it didn't do anything other than dry out the piercing a bit, besides it was unnecessary, I just wanted to see how it felt. I would imagine any other soap would burn the crap out of your nose.

If it does end up infected I would recommend seeing a doctor about it (not just a piercer) and putting neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment on it until you can actually go see a doctor.

There is only one problem: I now know exactly how many bogies I have and must carry tissue around with me. Also, when I cried over something personal I got the longest string of mucus hanging that it made me laugh, perhaps not a bad thing, but another great reason to carry tissues.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: EdD+Herrera
Studio: Prix
Location: Pasadena

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