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Piercing My Septum (Insert Creative Title Here

Hi, my name is Bayli. Over the past year, since my first piercing, I have been diligently trying to decide what piercing I'd like next. The experience and outcome of the first was so rewarding, and I feel like my piercing has added to my appearance and persona, and was itching to experiment in body modification more. The only problem was that I had just turned eighteen, and was still living with my parents, who liked my lip piercing but were not too keen on having more trouble passing through metal detectors and odd looks in malls. I also knew I'd be going out for an internship at Disney in May and hiding one piercing at work would be enough trouble. So after sifting through various piercing (mostly on the BME site!) I came to rest upon one of my already favorite piercing: the septum piercing. I loved the history of the septum, its use throughout the world, and how taboo it still can be in rural America. So the septum it was! Having a retired piercer as an uncle, I have access constantly to a small autoclave, professional needles, a sterile environment, clamps, and all the piercing encouragement I have room for. So with the advice and guided help of my uncle, I went to work at preparing to pierce my septum. My uncle helped me clean the area first, wiping down the area inside my nostrils, directly around my septum, in from of it, and even down around my mouth "for good measure." He and I both put on latex gloves (he first made sure I has no allergy, as that would be pretty bad!) and found jewelry in the right size. We let the jewelry soak in a sterilizer and my uncle cleaned the clamps he would help me use to pierce my septum.
After the cleaning, my uncle explained the procedure to me in full. He told me he would hold my septum with the clamps, make sure it was centered, and I would push the needle through the hole in them in a straight line. He expressed the importance of the line being straight and how it would effect how jewelry hung in it. Also he explained that if it were not pierced correctly, I would have to let it heal for months before attempting again, and I honestly did not like the idea of that! But I was very determined to do this all myself, as I get quite skittish with other people wielding needles around me and had no difficulty piercing my lip in the same manner previously. He explained that after I pierced my septum, we would quickly switch the jewelry with the needle, and that it shouldn't hurt much, but I would feel a little tension and pop as the needle went through.
When I said I was ready, my uncle set the clamps in place on my septum and handed me the tools I would need to pierce my septum. Looking in a few mirrors and swallowing my wussiness, I took the weapons (haha) and set to work. I made sure that I had the needle lined up just right, and inhaled. As I exhaled, I pushed the needle through at a medium pace. Within a minute, I heard a "pop!" and my eyes watered. To my surprise, with absolutely no pain involved, the needle was through! My uncle told me how well I did and that it looked perfectly straight. For a few minutes he had me twist the needle and move it back and forth, to make sure no blood was clotting to or around the needle and that I was ready to put in the jewelry. Then on he told me on the count of three, I was to pull out the needle, and he would slide in the new jewelry. Together, we counted, "One, two, THREE!" Out slid the needle, and in slid the new jewelry, a surgical steel retainer. I was so amazed that none of this hurt! That little sweet spot is exactly what they say it is -- a sweet spot! My uncle helped me clean up and autoclave the needle back to sterilization.
So the piercing was done and the jewelry was in. But remembering how things went with my first piercing, my lip, I immediately started thinking about the healing process. With my lip piercing, I was miserable.
A few days after piercing it, my lip swelled and I had been stupid enough to lose the ball on the stud I was wearing and have to resort to a cbr, which is definitely not good, as a round piece of metal going through a straight hole in unhealed tissue is not among the best methods of healing. My lip continued to swell for around a week, capped off, and just became red and sore for another two. Finally, at almost a month, the piercing healed, with a change of jewelry and lots of cleaning.
After that whole episode, I was REALLY dreading the healing process with my septum. Fortunately for me, the septum was a breeze! My immune system must have been working over time, I'm telling you. For a week, I had to make sure I turned it often and cleaned it as well as I could. It would crust up a little on the sides after a few hours, and so I had to move it and clean it, which wasn't too hard to do as I really liked this piercing and wanted to take care of that baby. A week of cleaning regularly and applying a mild leave-it-the-f-alone policy, the piercing stopped crusting up and the jewelry moved freely back and forth and around and around. Never did it bleed or anything!
This was definitely an easy piercing for me and I absolutely love the look of it! I am so excited about it and even get in trouble at school for leaving it down, but I'm just so eager to show it off!

Just for good measure, here is the healed piercing now, about three weeks later:

(also this didn't meet the image size requirements, but I thought was a decent photo of both of the piercings with no major distractions and good quality)

*I would like to add that it is dangerous to self-pierce most times, and one should go to a professional and not attempt without at least professional supervision and a professional needle/sterilization/piercing kit.

Also, good luck with your own if you ever decide to pierce your septum!


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on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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