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OCD Kid Gets Her Nostril Pierced

So, I had this extremely realistic dream where I had my nose pierced. In the dream, I went through the entire procedure, including the needle through my nose, seeing it on me in the mirror at the place, and everything. When I woke up, I was convinced that I had indeed had my nose pierced. Since that dream, I have had this itch to get my nose pierced, and I have not been able to get rid of it.

That dream was about a month ago, and I had not been able to stop talking about it. I had pretty much exhausted my boyfriend with questions about whether he thought it would look good, how much his eyebrow hurt and if he would do it again, and etc. I am also a chronic worrier (diagnosed OCD), so I had all these panics about what I was going to look like, how much it would hurt, whether or not I would get granulomas or other problems, etc. I had been researching for the entire month, reading stories and looking at pictures of other people's nostril piercings, calling for prices, and generally trying to prepare myself for having it done. (I had already decided on a place beforehand, and was using them as a gauge for pricing and procedure.)

The only relevant information I gleaned from this research that I did not already know was that Brookside Body Piercing and Tattoo does not pierce nostrils with rings because of the amount of resulting complications that they have had with piercings initially done with rings. They advised me to wait out the healing period before switching it to a ring, and to get a stud initially, which I did. After all, why turn down the advice of a professional? I bring this up because one shop that I talked to said it would be $40 with a ring, and I just found it a little scary to find differences in opinion on something that could cause infection. However, I am not a professional piercer, doctor, or anything even remotely medical, so if you get reliable advice to the contrary, who am I to stand in your way?

Finally, today, my boyfriend and I (after much coaching in the car at the coffee shop next door to the piercer), went in to the shop. Everybody was friendly, and I know the place from previous experience (my boyfriends ears and eyebrow, and my friend's industrial, another friend's tragus, and yet another friend's labret) to be very clean and professional. They photocopied my ID, had me fill out a form recognizing my consent and what procedure i was having done and choose jewelry (which probably took me longer than most people since i am so particular and indecisive), then took the jewelry to the autoclave in the back to sterilize it. Someone explained to me the aftercare (I feel bad for not getting his name =/) and handed me the baggie of sea salt, hospital soap, and instructions, then we sat down to wait. After about five to seven minutes, Jonathan came out and invited me back to the clean room, took out the needle and Q-tips from individual packets, and came to stand in front of me. He explained what he was doing as he swabbed the spot with a Q-Tip and dotted it with a toothpick from the same package. At this point, I was kind of freaking out because the needle was bigger than I expected, and I am a total baby. I knew that I was not going to back out, however, and just nodded as he talked, making idle conversation.

He told me to take a deep breath, and that he would pierce on the exhale. When he said exhale, I did, and the needle popped through my nose pretty quickly and relatively painlessly. My boyfriend, who was in the room taking pictures (photography major, go figure), asked if it hurt. As Jonathan began sliding the needle out to put the jewelry in place I said, "It kinda hurts now." In other words, it's probably not as painful as you would imagine; for me it was a little worse than getting my ears pierced a few years ago. I bled a little bit, received a tissue for my trouble, and was instructed to press it against my nose for the ride home to stop the bleeding. I also had an extremely watery left eye (the side I got it done on), and was a little bit lightheaded from the adrenaline/endorphin rush.

I tipped Jonathan on our way out, and it was over. =D For anyone looking to get a piercing in Tulsa, I highly recommend him and his parlor. They are extremely professional, clean, helpful, and very nice. They were even patient with the high school kids that came in after us that were mostly just talking loudly about how gross certain piercings were, and how they wanted piercings but weren't sure which ones (in other words, they were extremely annoying.) I was impressed with Jonathan's ability to handle them, really.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jonathan
Studio: Brookside+Body+Piercing+and+Tattoo
Location: Tulsa%2C+OK

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