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Nose Piercing!

A little over two years ago I decided that I wanted to get my nose pierced. I had seen this piercing on other women and I always thought it looked very feminine and exotic, and wanted one for myself. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision, or an act of rebellion, I seriously wanted to get it done and had thought through the possible consequences (scarring, infection, getting bored with it, etc.) and had decided I wanted to go through with it. I had a friend that did body mods, and not being 18 or having cooperative parents at the time, I had him do it. Though this story technically falls into the non-professional category, PLEASE note that sterile technique was used and said individual had plenty of experience as a piercer, he just didn't happen to be employed as one at the moment (though he had been before and since).

After paying him to find me some jewelry and get it autoclaved ahead of time we set up a time to pierce me. I showed up and ended up sitting on the edge of his bathroom sink (closer proximity to water and cleaning supplies) while he got ready. He used sterile equipment, changed gloves, and so on and so forth the entire time. After cleaning off my nose inside and out (which stung really bad!) and marking his place on my nose and checking to see if I liked it he picked up the needle and went for it. I had had my nipples pierced and had given blood before this point in time and the pain level for both of these experiences was quite low (I have rather insensitive nipples), but having a needle jabbed through my nose was completely another story. It hurt quite a bit, and I was trying to keep my face still (as this was a facial piercing and I didn't want it to get fucked up), but he saw me wince and eased up a wee bit until I relaxed. This process was repeated once or twice over the course of a second or two and then he was through!

Having accidentally lost the nostril screw he originally intended for me to have in my nose, he had ended up using monroe jewelry since none of his usual suppliers had any more nostril screws in the colors I liked. He threaded it through quickly (I didn't feel any pain at all during this part which surprised me) and started cleaning up. Rabidly curious to see my new bit of sparkle, I turned around to look in the mirror. Before this point I had felt some moisture on my face and tasted a watery, salty liquid, but since my eyes were watering rather heavily during the puncturing process I hadn't thought anything of it. Halfway through turning around I heard him say "DON'T...!" but it was too late! About 1/4 of my face was covered in blood (not to mention the tears), and though I have no problem with it, seeing so much of it completely unprepared shocked me quite a bit. I asked him when it had started bleeding, and he told me around the first time I started wincing (props to his poker face though, he didn't react at all when I started bleeding). After cleaning me and his tools up we were all done!

Over the course of the next couple weeks I found that the monroe jewelry didn't fit perfectly since it was too long, and if I made a particular face it would slip out a bit, just enough to have some friction and work a bit of dirt/dead cells/makeup/bacteria/whatever else was on my face into the piercing. Though I took care of it and it certainly didn't get infected I thought there would be no problems, but alas, I developed "the bump". The piercing was healed enough at this point to put in new jewelry, so I got a nostril screw and put it in. The bump went away on its own and I haven't had any problems since!

What I wish I'd known: wow, things get A LOT bigger the closer they get to your face, and what started out as a teeny little needle morphed into a massive metal rod when within an inch or so of my eye. I don't have problems with needles, but big pointy things that close to my face apparently make me a wee bit squeamish, so I definitely wouldn't recommend this piercing for anyone that has a needle phobia. Be very careful with washcloths, loofahs, towels, etc. when you have this particular piercing they can and will snag and it hurts like hell! Other than that I've loved this piercing and wouldn't get rid of it for the world!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: S.+Malane
Studio: House
Location: Tacoma%2C+WA

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