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No regrets.

A little history lesson....

I have always had a fascination with piercings and tattoos. I got my first piercing (eyebrow) when I was 16 and I was hooked! I then got my lip pierced (twice), tongue, septum, nostril, other eyebrow, nipple and my belly button .....

I loved my piercings. Then I had a reality check. I wanted to be a cop, and cops don't have piercings. My law professor took me aside one day told me how it was. I was a great student, I would be a great cop, but I would never get hired looking the way I did. He advised me to take out my piercings. That that would be best. So I did. I planned on putting them back in when I could, but I did so much work with future employment prospects, that eventually the holes closed up. When all was said and done, I got the job.

Present Day.......

I had just started dating a new guy, who had never known me with piercings. When he saw pictures of the 'old me' he kind of freaked out. I explained to him, that piercings are something that I really like/enjoy. He just shrugged and said 'Well that was just a phase, and it's not who you are now'. I was extremely offended, and concerned. I asked him if he would still date me if I had piercings. He hesitated, then said 'yes'. I didn't buy it. He was just saying what I wanted to hear.

Months go by, and I was thinking about getting my septum pierced again. It is my favorite piercing. I should have never parted with it. I gave it some thought, and figured I could get it pierced again and it could be easily hidden. As long as management didn't find out. I would be all set! I was excited so I called the person who mattered most to me... my boyfriend. He advised me that he couldn't talk to me for at least a day, and that he 'Couldn't believe I would do this to him'. You would think I had cheated on him! So I didn't go through with it. I gave in. Not my finest moment.

A very unhealthy relationship....

Not only could I not get this piercing, I couldn't talk to guys. I couldn't listen to certain music, and he even read my emails! But I loved him......how typical!


Weeks later I finally realized that if someone truly loves me, they love everything about me. (I'm a regular rocket scientist I know!) So, I broke up with him!

On a mission....

The next day, I walked over to the shop. The receptionist guy was super friendly, and he told me to have a seat and that he would call the piercer. The shop was nice, clean and seemed very well organized.

Then the piercer showed up. He looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Everything happened so fast. He sat me down, didn't talk to me, told me to tilt my head back. He felt around my nose for a few seconds. I wasn't really paying attention, thinking he was just getting a feel for where he would pierce and then eventually clean and mark the area. I briefly glanced down and saw that he was holding the needle. I was confused, but also aware of what was going to happen next. He pierced me. It took about 10 seconds I would say to get it all the way through. I figure that long since I had the time to think 'Doesn't he have a receiving tube? Why didn't he clean the area? I wonder what jewelery he will put in?'..... I also thought to myself 'Why didn't I say anything!? I know better!!!!' I felt defeated. Like with my ex, I had let someone lead the way and walk all over me again. BUT.....

Life Lessons.........

Basically, what this piercing taught me some life lessons. Don't compromise, don't settle, do what YOU want (as long as you aren't hurting anyone :)and do some research on where you get your piercings/talk to the piercer and get a feel for him/her.

I'm lucky, the piercing is straight, and he hit the sweet spot.

These are not some of my finest moments....... but I thought I would share them with you and hopefully inspire you to do what you want to do, for yourself and nobody else! Sounds easy, but when it comes to what you think is love ...... it can be confusing and hard.

I can still remember the pinch of the needle. How bitter sweet the pain was, and how when I walked out of that shop, I was a different person. A better, much stronger person...with a cute septum piercing to boot :)


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on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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