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my first piercing!

I have always wanted my nose pierced. I am a huge huge baby and I come close to passing out whenever I get booster shots at the doctors. I only have my ears pierced, once lol. So I've put it off and put it off. My sister has recently gotten a few piercings and convinced me to stop being a baby and just do it. I am going to visit her in a month and she told me I'd get it done then anyway if I didn't before.So for the past month or so I've been bringing myself up to it and I was finally prepared. I just never got around to getting it done, between my work and school schedule and my boyfriend's (he has to drive me lol). Finally yesterday, it all worked out.

My friend has piercings so she told me to go to Perfect Image, a local tattoo and piercing place I've heard lots about. I know it's a clean place so I just went without making an appointment. I have heard many stories of people going there and not really having issues and they have a post in Grand Bend (a HUGE summer town) and obviously they do good enough jobs to stay there. I went with 4 of my friends, and I was the only one getting anything done lol. I felt like such a tool.

So we get there and I go up to the counter and I tell the lady what I want done. She gave me some forms to sign and explain what they sell for cleaning products. I didn't have any so I bought some. Then she showed me the different jewelery. I love pink and I thought about the pink stud, but I wear diamond studs in my ears so I decided to go with the diamond stud one. I was happy that they are the curly type of stud, not the one with the ball on the end. I heard those are the worst kind. So anyway, I was all set to go. The piercer, Mike, wasn't doing anything so I got in right away. I as very happy about that because if I had to wait I'd just get more nervous and freaked out (I was soooo nervous) .At first I was intimidated by him, but once we started he was cool. I sat in the chair and he cleaned my nose and marked it. I looked at it in the mirror, and to tell you the truth I was too nervous to care where it was. I sat back down again and he put the clamp on my nose. It didnt bother me. Then he told me to take a deep breath and I did and closed my eyes. Then he pierced it. I was shocked by how LITTLE pain there was. I felt the needle go in and I kept my eyes closed because I know the stud wasnt in yet, and I didn't want to see the needle stick out of my nose. The piercing was sort of uncomfortable (any stabbing of your body is lol) and the insertion of the stud hurt about the same (not very much). The pain ended immediately. He then gave me a kleenex to wipe my eye (I didn't know I was crying. I still don't think I was, maybe just 1 tear) and I had to sit back. I get really really light-headed when I get needles, even if they don't hurt. So I laid back for a few minutes and had some water. He gave me a aftercare sheet and sent me on my way. It took like, 5 minutes.

I got it done last night and it's fine today. It doesn't really bleed and doesn't really hurt. It's a little achy but it doesn't really bother me. I do have a bit of a bruise near it though, but it's not really noticeable. It kinda looks like makeup haha. It was a bit swollen apparently right after I got it done, but it's not anymore. Sleeping is alright, but I do like to sleep with that side of my face smushed on the pillow, which was hard no to do. But otherwise, its been fine. It looks so cute, and I am so happy with it! I was kinda sad because no one noticed I got it done! I told one girl who didnt notice and she said it looks so good on me she thought I already had it! lol. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it. It doesn't hurt, and I regret not getting it done sooner! Obviously if you are reading this your thinking about it, so dno't be a pussy like I was. It was one of the best decisions ever, and yuo should just go do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: mike
Studio: perfect+image
Location: london%2C+ontario

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