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I finally completed my septum piercing!

Well I used to think that septum piercings were completely gross and I couldn't see why people liked them.

Well just months ago I started looking into piercings,tattoos, and other body modifications.

I currently have 2 holes in my ear lobes, both sides of ear cartilage, nostril, lip, and navel pierced. I pierced my ear lobes, nostril, and lip myself. I bought kits and made sure everything was sterile both times.

So about a week ago, the idea of piercing my septum just struck me.

My lip and navel are still healing but I wanted another piercing.

I talked to my friends about it and they thought that it would look great on me and they told me that I should do it.

I started looking at septum piercings and did my research on proper placement, aftercare, the healing process, jewelry, and other things I would need to know to pierce my septum properly.

I ordered a septum piercing kit and some jewelry online.

The kit and jewelry came in and everything was completely kept secret from my mom. I didn't want her to know about it until after I was done. So now it was time to get down to business.

I cleaned my room with a bleach solution and put some ice in a bucket, just in case I needed it.

I washed my hands with anti-bacterial soap and then put on my rubber gloves. Then I opened an alcohol swab and cleaned the inside of my nose. I got out the needle and made sure I only had it on the rubber gloves so it would stay sterilized. Then I felt around my nose, looking for the "sweet spot". Once I found it, I got out the clamps

and clamped the skin. It seemed difficult to use the clamps so I set it down and now tried to pierce it free-hand.

It did start to hurt when I tried pushing the needle through and it was hurting worse than all of my other piercings. I took a piece of ice and numbed the skin a little bit. Then I pushed the needle through more and heard a pop. I had the needle halfway through and I could already feel it on the other side of my nose. I pushed it more and it started to really sting again, so I put more ice on it. Then I pushed some more and this time, the needle went all the way through. My eyes watered some and now I had to put the jewelry through.

I got out a 16g stainless steel circular barbell. I put it on the end of the needle and started to push it through but it wouldn't go all the way through the piercing. I pushed but it wouldn't go through the other side so I took it out. Then I had to shove the needle through again and make another hole. Then once again I tried to put the jewelry through. The same thing happened. I got really annoyed so I took the needle out.

The next night came. I decided I would try it again. I told my mom about my plans and all she said was that it looked ugly. She didn't seem too upset that I was piercing it. So I took a new needle out of the package(it was sterilized) and I got on another pair of gloves. Once again, I pierced my septum. Then I once again tried to put the jewelry through. But the same thing happened. I was not going to give up so I left the needle in and got out a 16g captive bead ring that was rainbow-colored. I took the ball off and tried putting that in. That one wouldn't go in either! I then noticed how the end was curved. So I took some ring pliers and I bent the captive bead ring and made it straight on both ends so it looked U-Shaped like some septum jewelry is. I tried putting that through and I actually got it through! My mom came in my room at this time and wanted to see how my piercing went. All she said was, "Ugh, that's ugly," and walked away. But I don't care. I love it and I think it looks amazing! I don't care what my mom says. Some of my classmates might think it looks disgusting because pretty much all the kids around where I live aren't into body modifications. But I don't care what they think. This septum piercing is perfect.

Since I only just pierced it successfully about 20 minutes ago, I couldn't tell you about the healing process. But i'm sure the recovery will go successfully since the rest of my piercings are healing or are already healed up fine and i'm expecting this one to heal up good too. I know I will take good care of it.

Just because I have done DIY piercings doesn't mean you should. It's actually very dangerous to do piercings yourself. I have done plenty of research, bought the proper jewelry, and i've consulted my uncle who is in the piercing business to make sure i'm doing things properly. Please be cautious when thinking about DIY piercings.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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