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Homedone Septum !

This experience is about my 16g septum, that was done by a, pretty much, apprentice piercer in my friends bedroom, the home of two dogs and a cat ;). I don't think anyone should have anything pierced the way my friend and I did.

When I first saw a septum piercing when I was in about 5th or 6th grade, I've always wanted one. They looked so good, and the idea that I could actually look like Fernand the Bull excited me. I was about 12 or 13 then, and my parents would never have let me get one, they still wouldn't if it had been their decision. They are very apprehensive to any form of body mods besides the small hidden tattoo. So at the time I started wanting them, they were very unpopular in my town, and talking to anyone about them was quite difficult. So a couple years go by and I am now 17. I live in New York and you can't legally get anything pierced without parental consent till you're 18, as if that was going to stop me.

I was at the mall one day around Christmas time with my best friend looking at jeans to get my boyfriend when one of the workers came up to me (oddly enough in Zumiez) asking me about my new at the time kaos purple silicone tunnels, after a lot of idle conversations and a few exchanged text messages, we got to talking about piercings and what not. I mentioned how I wanted my septum done and my best friend wanted her sternum done. Turns out, he had been piercing for over 4 years and was looking to open a shop at some point. I felt pretty confident in having him do my nose, so after about a month or so hanging out I felt confident enough in having him do my nose so I gave him around 20 dollars to order some needles and jewelry.

About a week later the stuff came and we decided to do it in my best friend's bedroom, maybe not the best idea, but I was too excited to be thinking straight at this point. So I was waiting around for him to do her sternum, and after that he got "ready" to do my nose. I've read a lot of experiences on here about people going to shops and how the piercers are wearing gloves, they clean the skin and it's all just nice and clean. My friend and i's experiences couldnt have been more opposite of that. He didn't clean her skin or anything before doing her sternum, even though he didn't her chest has healed very nicely with no sign of migration or even scars.

But anyways, I sat down in her computer chair and he sat on the bed, he then stuck his bare hands into my nose and felt around for a bit, litteraly picking my boogers which is actually pretty disgusting, then put the clamps he just used on my friends chest in my nose. I sat there for like a good 5 minutes with them hanging off my nose, then he finally got the needle out of the package.(Which made me feel a tad bit better that he actually had a sterile needle !) I had never had anything really pierced before, besides my ears at the mall when I was 12, so I didn't really know what kind of feeling to expect. So I'm sitting there waiting and he finally puts the needle up to my nose. I thought he was going to do a whole, breathing process or something, but no ! I've read of people saying it was a 10 on the pain scale to it didn't even hurt. I don't remembering it hurt that much at all, and I don't have a high pain tolerance. The unfortunate part of this story is that the needle shocked me so much, I moved a great amount.

The only aftercare I did was sea salt soaks for a couple of weeks or so, I actually got kind of lazy after about a half a month, hah. It's been about a month or more since I had it done, although it does go in higher than it comes out, you can't really tell. I think I am going to try and straighten it out by stretching it to a 12, and then putting the 16 back in. It never got infected, had a gross bubble on the entry side that spewed gross clear shit all the time for awhile but thats stopped and now its only painful if I press on it. But for now, it looks pretty good. I suggest if you want to get a septum, get it done at a shop haha.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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