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DIY septum!

So, I've wanted a septum piercing for quite so time now, even before everyone started getting one. I just always loved the look of it, and I've been saying I was going to pierce it myself to allll of my friends for a while. My mom disapproves of all piercings except on the ears and even then they have to be a standard 20g. (She wasn't too thrilled when she saw my 0g ears aha!) I would of asked her for permission to get my septum pierced but she already said no to my Monroe, this was going to be a no too. And I'm not 18, so professional was not an option. But I'm pretty good at piercing, I bet my friend 5 bucks I could do it myself!

Until this weekend I never really thought I could stick a needle through my nose and then follow up with a piece of jewelry, but with my cheerleaders (Ashlee and Haley = bff haha) After walking around the mall for a few hours ( we actually ended up spending 5 hours total in the mall) we bought a 12g septum ring from hot topic in the mall. We walked around the mall for awhile (I found the cutest purse! Hoorahh now I had something to hold all our crap and my giant pixie stick of deathh :p) some time before deciding to go to Michael's across the street to get a needle.

The first needle was way too big and hurt my nose where ever i poked. I send Ashlee back in to get a smaller needle while Haley and I waited outside. Ashlee came back with a pack with various sizes of needles inside it. I chose the smallest one and shoved it through my nose, carefully of course! Then, it was through. I knew because of the face Haley had made at the "popping" nose it had made. So that was it, I had a needle through my nose and a 12g septum ring to shove through. But when I compared the size of the needle to the ring it was a HUGE difference.

We made our way back to the mall and you could only imagine the strange looks I was getting. We made it to Hot Topic once again and the lady at the door asked if she could help me. I asked if she had a piece of jewelry that would fit the needle and my nose and she called out to someone in the back and said "can someone help this girl? she's got a needle through her nose!" So I walked back and picked out the 18g jewelry i was sure would fit. It came with three rings and several balls. The cashier who was there previously asked if I had done it myself in the time that I was just gone and I replied "You know it's tight." So I payed for the jewelry and we made our way back to the food court to put it in.

The first time the ring fell from my hands and I asked my friend Ashlee to try, she got it halfway through and the ring just hung in my nose. Apparently Haley thought this was pretty funny and began laughing, it made me laugh too and the ring fell to the ground once again. We picked out the last clean piece of jewelry and tried it through the other side, failed attempt just like all the others. The next day, I tried to pierce it again, with another sewing needle (having broken the other one in frustration) And now today I'd figured it out, I broke off the top of the needle with pliers and sterilized it with boiled water and cleaned my bathroom. I made an oath I'd make it through this time! And sure enough, using the jewelry to push the needle through, i had done it! I took the ball off and flipped it up in my nose (My mom had company over and I had to walk through the hall to my room and I'm sure metal hanging from my face would be more than noticeable) I pierced my own septum! Perhaps now I can muster up the courage to pierce my own Monroe..? :)

Cleaning? No Prob!

Definitely dont use Alcohol. It can actually slow down the healing process and cause scar tissue. I would highly recommend using Sea Salt. You can get it at any natural food store and you mix it as follows.

1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in 8 oz. of water. Use it on a q-tip 2-3 times a day. If it feels like its getting infected, you can use the same mixture, but warm it slightly and use a clean washcloth or tissue and hold it on the piercing for 10 minutes. You can also do sea salt water soaks.


I'm very experienced with piercing and have done all my piercings and gauges thus far (0gs both ears).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Septum Piercings

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