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dermal punched septum

Im no stranger to body modification. Being now that I am castrated, tongue is split, face tattooed and various other tattoos done willingly. I have decided to share my dermal punched septum expierence. My septum was dermal punched at a 0 gauge By Brent of bodyrites a long time ago. Before I get ahead of myself, let me say I was always fond of large gauge septums. I remember as a child seeing tribes have large bones going through their noses, wearing them with pride and they were well respected in their tribes.

But being a child, I was always curious how they managed to get a bone that large through their nose. Years past, I found BME when I was a little younger then I am now. I had several piercings, a tongue, labret, and septum. But later took out the septum due to it being pierced crooked. Years later I would find myself in a reputable piercing only shop in indiana called bodyrites. Then it was Brent who owned it. We discussed dermal punching a septum several times. But nothing came of it. One day we were speaking on the phone and instead of dancing around the issue I went straight to the point.

I told Brent I wanted my septum dermal punched at 0 gauge. We had spoke of piercing it then stretching that large. But at that time in my life I felt dermal punching it was my best option. I loved large gauge piercings and would love to have a large gauge septum. We setup a time to meet at the shop. I remember it as it was last week. I walk into the shop, Im nervous. Not sure why, I guess its only natural to be nervous when going for something like this. I walk into his shop. We strike up a conversation. We speak of tongue splitting, piercing, BME and just life in general. All this as Im slowly filling out the paper work.

We go to select my sterilized jewelry, Brent recommends a 0 gauge single flare hallow plug. I agree. He leads me to the piercing room which is setup very well. Real nice. Reminds me much of a hospital setup. But was actually cleaner. From what I can remember he washes his hands up to his elbows in a surgical scrub like motion. He gloves up, sets out a 6mm biopsy punch, a 0 gauge taper and the sterilized plug. He also sets out an sterilized ink cap for marking the skin. He has me lay back on the doctors like table.

He could tell I was nervous, he began to comfort me. We were just speaking about life in general. He then cleans out my nose with a sterile solution, I can't remember what it was. He then re-gloved, and begins to mark a line on the outside of my septum. He re-gloves one last time and opens the biopsy punch and the jewelry. He then asked me if Im ready. In which I reply "I never been more ready before, lets go." As I lay there he gets behind my head and puts I believe a recieving tube on the opposite end of which he is punching. He then lines up the biopsy punch.

He then calmly ask me to take three deep breaths. In which I take two breaths, then on the third he says hold it. Then Thats when I knew no turning back. As I felt a surge a pain rush through me. As he said release it slowly and so I released my breath slowly as my face began to throb and then I felt the taper follow through from the other side of the hole that was just made. Followed by the jewelry. He then said "You're done, just let me clean you up."

I could taste blood in the back of my mouth and throat. He cleaned me up, gave me the aftercare and I was on my way out. I actually had a friend drive me. So as we took the trip home, my nose was throbbing and sore for about 3 days. I used provon medical soap twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I also used sea salt soaks three times a day. That was to ease any crust off the jewelry. IT healed in about 6 weeks. Within 4 months, I was wearing other jewelry. When I look back now, it would seem dermal punching is alittle excessive to get what you want quicker, but it was the right option for me.

Later on I took it out and shrunk down to a 4 gauge but recently I stretched it back up to a 2 gauge in which I wear a tunnel in it now. Sometimes I wear tusk in it or CBB.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Brent
Studio: Bodyrites
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