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a birthday present for myself

Like a lot of people, I had decided that I wanted to get my nose pierced at a fairly young age.  And like a lot of people, my mother was completely opposed to my doing so.  By the time I was fifteen, I had decided that I would do it myself.  I did, but wound up taking it out after only a couple of days because of my mother's disapproval. 

Around that time, I decided to just wait it out until I turned eighteen and could get it done legally without my parents' consent.  I'd tried to prepare my parents for it, constantly reminding them that it would get done (I also hoped that it might just annoy them enough to let me get it done) , but they wouldn't give in.  I just had to wait. 

 I'd talked to a friend of mine, and asked her to come along with me when I finally got the piercing, but changed my mind the night before in case I couldn't go through with it.  I got the hours for the parlor online, and wrote down the phone number the night before my birthday so everything would be ready. 

I knew the shop opened at noon on weekdays, so I called around 12:30.  (My calling was probably a bigger act of bravery on my part than the piercing; I hate talking on the phone).  I was told that the piercer would be in around two o'clock, and that I could stop by after that.  I made sure to make myself some breakfast , too, despite the fact that I don't normally eat until later in the day.  I didn't want to risk passing out after the piercing 

Because my mom was so opposed to this idea, I had to get to the shop on my own.  The walk wasn't very far, just under a mile, but it was raining and I was wearing flip flops.  I had to walk much slower than usual, but that time allowed me to reconcile with myself that this was really something I wanted to do.  

By the time I got to the shop it was around three, and I was soaking wet.  The owner explained to me that the piercer was running late, but he would be there soon.  He gave me some paperwork to fill out, and made a copy of my passport.  (I actually almost forgot that I was 18 at one point.)  I sat down in one of the chairs in the front, and waited for all of two minutes before the piercer came in.  I was the only customer in the shop, so I only had to wait a few more minutes for everything to get set up before I could go into the piercing room. 

I'd gotten pierced at this shop before a few years ago, when there was another piercer working there.  It was somehow comforting to know that I would be in the same room (even if it was the only piercing room in the shop).  The first thing I noticed was the doctor-type chair was on the opposite side of the room, and that fixated me for awhile.  He wasn't very chatty as far as piercers go (when I got my fourth lobe pierced, the piercer and I talked for at least a half hour before hand), which actually made me more comfortable.   

He (Pat, the piercer) put on a pair of gloves, and ripped open the packaging for the sterilized clamp.  I was worried at first because I saw something small and circular on the tray, which I just assumed was a CBR.  I quickly asked if I had a choice of starting jewelry, and Pat showed me a small nose screw with a clear gem, exactly what I had hoped for.  (It turns out the ring was a rubber band for the clamp).   

Pat asked which side I wanted done, I immediately answered left (the same side I had pierced myself two years ago).  He made a mark, but it was a little too centered for me, so he moved it down and closer to my face.  Finally the placement was right, and he clamped my nose. 

None of my other piercings had been clamped, so it was a shock.  He then asked me if I was ready, and I truthfully said no.  I gave myself a minute or two to prepare, wishing then that I had gone with a friend so I would have something to hold on to.  I explained to him that I hadn't been pierced in a while, and he gave me another minute to pull myself together.  The needle was suck onto his glove with some kind of gel, and he pulled it out and placed it on my nose. 

He didn't ask me if I was ready this time, or give me a count, he just pushed it through (some people might prefer the count, but without it I didn't get a chance to panic and back out).  He paused to change his gloves, and made sure I was okay.  I could kind of see the needle in my nose, but I resolutely looked at a medicine cabinet on the wall across from me.  He quickly pulled the needle through the placed the nose screw into the new hole. 

I took a couple of deep breaths, and then stood up.  Before I paid, we had a short conversation about piercing guns and how they suck.  Pat handed me a cleaning instruction sheet, and told me not to try to turn it that day, and be very gentle with it for the next couple of weeks.  He asked if I planned to change the jewelry anytime soon, but I hardly ever change my jewelry if I can help it.  I paid him the thirty dollars for the piercing, plus tip, then left. 

I walked home in the same rainy weather, but it went much faster than the trip to the shop.  I kept stopping by reflective windows to check out my new jewelry.  I couldn't be happier with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Pat
Studio: Perfecto+Tattoo
Location: Philadelphia

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