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Simple and Easy Septum Piercing

My Simple and Easy Septum Piercing

The day after Thanksgiving I decided to get my septum pierced on a whim. I hadn't been considering getting a piercing at all beforehand. In fact I went through a high school phase of piercing myself (navel, nostril, ears,), but quickly grew out of that and haven't worn any body piercings since. I recently ended a very unhappy relationship, and then ended up having that person stalk me for six months, so now I'm taking the time to do things just for me without being concerned about what other people might think. So I basically decided one day in the spur of the moment that I wanted a facial piercing, and looking over BME and flickr photos decided that I like the way the septum looks.

I live on Capitol Hill, so I headed over to Apocalypse Tattoo (where I'd gotten a tattoo about 6 years ago) thinking they'd probably be closed anyway, since it was around 7 o'clock the day after a major holiday. Luckily they were open, and Robert said he could pierce me right away. I got my ID out, filled out all the forms, swore I'd eaten recently, and we headed back to the piercing room. He was really thorough with cleaning the area to be pierced, and was nice and gentle as well. He seemed very knowledgeable both about piercing and sterile technique, and all the equipment came out of little sterile autoclave packages. He marked the area with me sitting up, and then had me lay down to do the piercing. I took a deep breath in, let it out, and the next thing I knew it was done. I hardly even felt anything. I felt silly for getting all psyched out by people's descriptions of pain so awful they almost passed out that I'd read online! I've never experienced the adrenaline rush that people talk about with piercings before, but I did with this one. I felt kind of euphoric while he put the jewelry in and talked about after care. The piercing was just the tiniest bit crooked (I wouldn't even have noticed if Robert hadn't pointed it out), but he explained how to twist it a little a couple of times a day to even it out, and offered to re-pierce it for free if that didn't work. Luckily it ended up healing nice and straight. Then all that was left was payment, but in my pre-piercing state I hadn't noticed the big "cash only" sign behind the counter. I ran across the street to an ATM without incident, paid and left.

The reaction from people around me to my new piercing was kind of comical. My friends were a little shocked, as none of them are really into body modification. One friend told me I should get my nostril pierced instead. I replied that not only do I already have that pierced (I never wear jewelry in it, although I still can after all these years), but I find that piercing to be B-O-R-I-N-G. It's cute enough, but not what I'm going for. High nostrils on both sides, on the other hand... Anyway, the reaction at work was quite a bit more extreme. I work in a hospital on the conservative East Side with mostly older coworkers. I got lots of comments about how I "used to have such a pretty nose," etc. I mostly just shrugged it off. Luckily my work has no specific policy about piercings, it's up to the employee's manager. Since I work mostly evenings and weekends I rarely see a manager, and the few times I have in the last 3 to 4 months they haven't said anything about my piercing.

In public, people will occasionally do a double take and tell me that they really like it but most don't say anything. I don't think it's actually that noticeable. I wear a 14k gold 14 gauge 7/16" circular barbell in my septum now (I got it at bodycircle.com, and I can highly recommend their work), and I love how it looks. I'm pretty feminine, and I like the contrast of an unexpected body piercing with that look. I think it looks great with a dress, heels and big dangly earrings.

I'm really glad that I went to Apocalypse for this piercing. Both the piercers there are certified by the Association of Professional Piercers (there's only one other piercer in Seattle who is listed as certified on the APP's web site), and the atmosphere is really laid back, and friendly but professional. They don't have that cooler than thou attitude that some piercing/ tattoo places have. I highly recommend them. In fact, I'm going in to have Robert pierce my nipples as soon as my custom ordered gold CBRs arrive. I can't wait!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Robert
Studio: Apocalypse
Location: Seattle

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