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Seriously Simple Septum!!!

I guess I share the same feelings on the septum piercing as nearly everyone else whos story Ive read.... at first I was repulsed by it. But somehow my opinion drastically changed -and I honestly cant identify the point in time or person it was on that I decided... '' hey that looks pretty rad! '' haha!

But I got a hankerin' for some new holes it my face and a dainty, little, tight to the nose 14g septum piercing seemed to be the answer. Already having my nostril, monroe, and nipples pierced and my ears gauged to 7/16 I knew to do my research.

This is when I stumbled upon my beloved bmezine!!! <3 I read at LEAST a hundred experiences and they all were so varied that I didnt know what to expect pain wise. I read about aftercare etc.. but I already knew alot about the piercing as I work at a Hot Topic and its my job to know such things. I was well aware of the sweet spot and common gauge of piercing and most forms of aftercare. But I did find my piercer through bme. The wonderfully talented and fabulously goodlooking John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse in NY. (You see my regular piercer didnt do septums and Im not an NY native so I didnt trust anyone else in the area... until I found Scarab.)

I found John in an article here on bme about microdermals or surface anchors (great article btw -very cool stuff!) And followed the link to Scarabs site which wow was in Syracuse! A wopping 1 and 1/2 hr drive from where I now live. I looked at his piercing and tattoo portfolio both of which are exstensive and impressive! I messaged (someone from) Scarab back and forth on myspace. After about two weeks of this OCD research ritual I decided John was my new piercing dude!

I didnt make a date with them because their site said walk-ins were welcome for piercings. So my buddy Katie Hollister (nick-name... dont ask) and I planned on today because she only worked till 3:00 (at Hollister btw) and I didnt work at all (HT -go figure). We headed out as soon as she finished her shift.

It was a seriously antsy drive and I tried to drown out my butterflies with tunage but to no avail. I wasnt concerned about the pain. NOTHING could hurt more than my nips but thats another story. I was just stoked for the piercing.... just super excited! And my stupid stomach likes to tweak out with butterflies when Im excited too for some odd reason.

Well Katie and I got lost for about 45 mins in downtown Syracuse in a lovely snow storm. With her driving and me on the phone with Scarabs receptionist, who was extremely sweet and patient, trying to get directions better than the ones from MapQuest, it was stressful at best. lol!

At last we found the shop. (Its on the second floor to the LEFT of the sushi bar for anyone like me that will walk by something 10 times before seeing it.) The shop was decorated in minimalistic style with tribal art and masks. And unbelievely clean smelling and looking! It was more like a beautiful hospital or perhaps a museum than anything lol. The photo on the site just doesnt do it justice. Several cases were filled with beautiful organic plugs and another with a VERY LARGE selection of piercing jewelry. I was most impressed by the varied circumferances of captive bead rings and circular barbells. I was worried Id end up with one looking much to large for my face but they had the perfect one for me!

There was a short wait and finally John (who is about 6ft in person with long dreds worn back, ears gauged, and both sides of his nose pierced and gauged to about a 4 Im guessing and again GORGEOUS,) came for me and Katie - who was getting her (right) high nostril pierced which John said is one of his favorites to do . Down the hall from the sitting room and through two doors was the piercing room and I believe also the massage therapy room. Again decorated in minimalistic Asain and tribal art this was the most relaxing room Id ever been in. My stress level dropped about ten notches just from standing in it.

I went first unable to stand the suspense of watching Katie be pierced before me. John explained the procedure very professionally; he would sanitize the inside of my nose, make a few referrance markings on the outside of my nose with alittle of what I think was ink, and then position the clamps several times to find the proper place on my sweet spot.

I have to agree with pretty much everyone that said the piercing is nothing compared to the icey pinch of the damn clamps! I actually inhaled sharply between my teeth when they first clamped on all the way; John had located my sweet spot. When he wasnt being at his utmost professional he was quietly laughing at my rediculously nervous small talk. He was very soft spoken but got your attention aswell and he had all of mine as I saw the needle rise in his hand to my left near my nose.

Then he grew very calm and the room, extremely quiet. He had me breathe deeply and agonizingly slowly, during which I had my first worry about the pain.

''And one last breath...'' he said. And.... pinch.......

''and there you go'' he turned to get the jewelry and I had no idea it had gone all the way through. I had only felt the initial and barely momentary entrance of the needle.

I was all smiles. I sat there with the needle chillin in my nose for a few seconds then he threaded the end of the circular barbell ring into the hollow of the needle and pulled it through with ease. I didnt feel it at all and I sat there cross eyed watching the needle exit and the ring enter my newly poked septum. He had me lay down to put on the balls and told me to sit up slowly and check it out.

The ring was the perfect size! It was perfectly distanced away from my face - not too far to dangle at the tip of my nose like some stray metal booger and not too close. It was also the perfect space below my nose not rubbing underneath but also not hitting my lip.

John was my new hero!

Katie stepped up to bat next after which we paid, tipped well, thanked the staff and braved the storm outside which is still raging as I type.

All in all this was the best piercing experience Ive ever had. Scarab is my new favorite shop and I plan on returning for my next mod. i really cannot rant enough about this place not to mention my new kickass septum!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: John+Joyce
Studio: Scarab+Body+Arts
Location: Syracuse+NY

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