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My septum experience

I first developed an interest in body modification about a year ago and started off with getting one of my lobes pierced. Since then my passion for modifying my body has escaladed until a point where I see my modifications as a part of me, and not just an addition.

Since getting my lobe pierced a year ago I have had a number of others including several more 'basic' piercings such as lobes(stretched), cartilage and a tongue piercing, to more unusual and less common piercings like a tongue web, double inverse navel and a prince albert.

As with a lot of people I haven't always been interested in getting a septum piercing, infact, quite the opposite. The first time I saw a pierced septum I found it ugly, but over time I have come to find them aesthetically pleasing, and very sexy.

The studio I chose was Modern Body Art in Birmingham City Centre as this is widely known as the most reputable place in the area, so I booked my appointment for a septum piercing which was to take place 5 days later.

I was really looking forward to the date, counting down the days until finally the day came, Monday 11th February 2008. I left home and proceeded in making my way to the studio. I got there about 10 minutes early but they had no customer there, so I was seen to straight away.

We went into the back, and my piercer Rosie proceeded to put her fingers up my nose and have a good feel around. She got the clamps, scissors, needle and the retainer out of the packages and went to line up the clamps(all whilst changing gloves but I'll leave the boring parts out)

She asked me if I wanted to be numbed and I said no. She spent a good 5 or 6 minutes moving the clamps around, pulling, pushing, moving etc... all whilst making sure I was still OK.

She finally got the clamps in the sweet spot, and picked up the needle and asked if I was ready. She then lined it up with the clamps asked if I was ready again and then pushed.

Now this is where i was surprised. I had read hundreds of experiences about septum piercings, some said they didn't hurt much, most said they hurt quite a lot, and pretty much all said it made their eyes water. But I have to say this was the least painful piercing I have ever had. i would even go as far to say it was 0 out of 10 on the pain scale, and to my utmost surprise, my eyes did not water one little bit, not even a single tear.

She cut the cannula and then inserted the retainer. Once the retainer was in, she got out some forceps/clamps to hold the retainer still to take the cannula off the retainer. Rosie then took a mirror and showed it to me, and then proceeded to flip it up.

She talked me through aftercare for the piercing and asked if I had any questions, and then we got talking about my planned Microdermals.

She took a feel of my chest and said that there was enough skin there to anchor down the microdermals well.

So we went to the counter, I paid and tipped, and proceeded on my way home.

I have to say it is the easiest piercing I have had to date. It was painless, has no swelling, no pain now, only hurts a teensy bit it I knock it, but touching it is fine, and best of all, it is perfectly straight.

I even think my piercer was proud at how well she did.

Overall a 10 out of 10 for service and am very pleased with how well the whole procedure went, and at how friendly the folks in Modern Body Art are, and I would recommend them without hesitating.

The day after I got my new piercing I woke up and took some Ibuprofen incase of any swelling as I had knocked the piercing a couple of times in the night, which didn't really hurt, but had caused some discomfort. I then proceeded in preparing a sea salt soak for my nose and dipped my nose into the cup. This really tickled so I could not soak it for very long. I then got some cotton buds and cleaned away the dry blood which had formed from the knocks in my sleep, and kept this routine up until now.

It is almost 2 weeks on now and my new septum piercing is my favourite piercing so far. It is healing really well and there is no pain whatsoever; so it was my least painful piercing and best healing piercing. It is also easy to hide, so only me and a few selected close friends know about me and my secret new septum piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rosie
Studio: Modern+Body+Art
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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