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My first real piercing

As an 18 year old from a fairly conservative family, I never thought that I would pierce anything beyond my ears. Of course, this all changed when I discovered BME.

Going through all of the articles and pictures, nostril piercings caught my eye the most. It was classy, feminine, and subtle. Its significance in Hinduism also held some appeal. I was wary of how it would look on me though because I've always thought that I had a big nose. However, after perusing through different pictures, I saw lots of girls with noses like mine and they looked great. Now I was determined. The only problem was making sure my boyfriend and family wouldn't kill me if I got it. After running it by them and showing large amounts of information and pictures they were convinced. Everyone but my dad, that is. After doing a lot of research about local piercing shops I came across Vision Body Piercings at Webber Street. I was immediately impressed by the devotion that PeaT, the piercer, had for his work and by the fact that he provided so much information on his website whereas others had very little. It was decided. To Webber Street I went.

The day I got pierced was very spur of the moment. The next day I was to go back to college and I had been planning to put it off a few more months. We didn't have much difficulty finding Webber Street which I had been worried about but immediately my mum started expressing distaste at its appearance. It didn't look bad, just not like the doctor's office that she envisioned. The inside was lovely with lots of artwork, portfolios of his work, and a pond with goldfish which I found to be very relaxing. After filling out the paper work and showing him my ID, he led me back to a very clean, lime green room. He was even so kind as to allow my boyfriend to come back with me.

At this point, I started to become very nervous. I asked PeaT some questions that I already knew the answers to, to stall. He patiently answered everything and tried to alleviate my anxiety. He explained what he was going to do and marked my nose perfectly. He was consistent in changing gloves and keeping everything clean. He then got an unused needle, told me to breathe deeply and then let it out. As I did that he pierced my nose. I couldn't see what he did but afterward my boyfriend told me that he had put two q-tips in my nose to catch the needle in. It was a sharp, stinging sensation but it was very brief. I waited for the pain of the insertion of the jewelry but it never came. He did everything so fast! There was no bleeding and little pain. Although my eyes were watering like mad. I looked in the mirror and was very pleased. He gave me instructions and some sea salt and told me to contact him if I had any questions.

It has since been a month and I have had little to no issues with the piercing. The first week or so I caught it on towels and clothing a few times which hurt very badly but left no lasting problems. I did sea salt soaks until it ran out and now I just use warm water. The only issue I had with soaking it was that when I tried to put my nose in the cup, it would dribble all over. I solved that by soaking a tissue in the cup and pressing that against the piercing, although it isn't as effective. It occasionally lymphs, though very rarely and I've had no bumps. I have had lots of positive feedback. Some of my friends are even considering getting one now because it is so subtle and easy to care for. The only one who had anything bad to say about it was my dad because he thinks piercings are generally low class. Unfortunately he can be somewhat old fashioned but he's gotten used to it. Overall this is a great piercing to have. Most workplaces won't have a problem with it, it's very attractive, causes little pain, and heals very easily. I would recommend this piercing to anyone. I would also recommend PeaT at Webber Street to anyone in the area. He really cares about his customers and does his job well. I've heard a lot of horror stories from some friends about nostril piercings they had but I haven't had any problems at all. Going to a professional is really important.

Now I'm very addicted. There are so many different piercings that I want but I'm looking into a vertical labret. My boyfriend hates the idea of kissing it but I'm very eager to change his mind.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: PeaT
Studio: Vision+Body+Piercings+at+Webber+Street
Location: Sarasota%2C+FL

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